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what are men good for? Most Liked

The secret to longevity depends on who you ask. People who have actually made it to an advanced age will credit alcohol or no alcohol, sex or no sex, red meat or no red meat, whatever or not-whatever. Jessie Gallan, age 10read more »

Out of the Mouths of Babes Hot Conversation

CHAPTER 2 WHEN i FIRST REALIZED i WAS OLD! I have always believed age was just a number, so I shoo shooed any articles that dictated slowing down after age sixty-five. I also ignored articles that exread more »

is it really love?

hi! I’m Patrocinio Jean “patty” in short . I’m 20 years old and just finish my Bachelors Degree  last March. I don’t know how to start  with because I’m in a very complicated situation. but I will start from tread more »

Star Wars Episode VII: Visiting the ADHC

Yippee, there’s a new Star Wars movie on the horizon and, hurray, all the original 1977 cast members are returning! So it’s set in anread more »


Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe my first line of thinking when I heard Steve Martin tell a story about a colonoscopy party that he, Martin Short, Tom Hanks,(and someone that I can’t remember), had participated in. Yuck! What were tread more »

I’m seeking a true woman

I hope I can find love again, I have been alone fpr 5 years and still yet I haven’t find the right wpman to move on with, well, I had this opportunity from a friend of mine and I’m given it a try, I hope this would be my ast time of seread more »

For the Twelfth Sign of Midlife my Hormones Sent to Me…

read more »

Going Crazy After Divorce Hot Conversation

I am new here and just didn’t have the guts to start an on-line friendship. But now I am. For those who have made it through a divorce or any other extremely painful experience this is for you. I was proud of myself that duringread more »

when good bras let you down Most Liked

Revlon has just announced that it is bringing back five iconic lipstick shades from past decades, starting with Icy Violet, introduced in 1946. This will make anyone over age 90 extremely happy. The other colors span the years froread more »

What Ellen DeGeneres can learn from Vibrant women

Ellen DeGeneres has been a role model for many women, but they can also be a role model for her.read more »