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The search for female Viagra: A cure for female dryness?

Pharmaceutical companies and supplement makers continue to pursue the new American dream: a pill that can raise the female libido, and potentially cure female dryness.read more »

Treat female dryness with food hormones

Hormone replacement therapy is not a completely safe form of treatment for female dryness, but there is another way to get more hormones in your system.read more »

Stop hot flashes with an HRT alternative

A new study suggests that women may have a viable HRT alternative to stop hot flashes already available to them, and it’s centuries old.read more »

Study: stop hot flashes with regular exercise

A new study shows that women who remain active by exercising through the menopause will experience fewer symptoms, and potentially stop hot flashes completely.read more »

Having hot flashes causes some women to feel liberated

When having hot flashes causes you stress, you’re approaching menopause with the wrong attitude.read more »

Confusing drug data offers no definites to stop hot flashes

Scientific studies are finely honed and carefully crafted using important data and controlled research methods, but if you try to use them to stop hot flashes you might end up with too many answers.read more »

Can chocolate stop hot flashes?

Science has very few answers to the question of how to stop hot flashes, just a long list of stuff you’re not supposed to have when you’re suffering from them.read more »

Take the ‘Bite’ Out of HRT Most Liked

Does HRT cause cancer? Is it safe? Click through for 15 cut-to-the-chase facts and more on HRT!read more »

Herbal recipes to stop hot flashes

The pharmaceutical companies can't seem to figure out how to stop hot flashes and hormonal night sweats, so why not create your own cure?read more »

New hormone treatment may stop hot flashes, other menopause problems

A new hormone treatment has emerged that could be comparable to traditional HRT when it comes to putting a stop to hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.read more »