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What To Do When Hormone Imbalance Torpedoes Your Sex Drive

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Is Perimenopause Sneaking up on You?

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Female Thinning Hair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

The problem with female thinning hair is that many women don't want to talk about it, or admit to it.read more »

Menopause Myth-Busting 101: The Top 5 Debunked

The average age of menopause is 52...but there's a huge spectrum of experiences out there. Some women sail through with nary a hot flash. But others begin having symptoms like weight gain, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia in their mid-30'sread more »

Develop a nighttime routine to avoid hormonal night sweats

If you think hot flashes are bad, try having hormonal night sweats.read more »

Thinning Hair: Women have a choice of doctors to see

When it comes to thinning hair, women have several choices of doctors and specialists they can see, from an a dermatologists to a trichologist.read more »

Take vitamins to relieve hormonal night sweats

You can stock your system with drugs, sleep with the windows open and try all kinds of tricks, and it still may not be enough to help you manage hormonal night sweats.read more »

What’s really causing your female dryness?

Menopause isn’t always to blame when female dryness starts to affect your love life.read more »

What’s Got Your Libido Down? Is it Physical?

In another article called “What’s Got Your Libido Down? Is it Psychological?” I described psychological factors that may cause a lack of sex drive in a long-term relationship. This time, let’s look at possible physical issueread more »

Stress makes female dryness, dyspareunia even worse

Millions of women suffer with female dryness and dyspareunia in silence, never talking about the problem with their sexual partners or physicians -- which only makes things worse.read more »