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At 62 working more hours than young people my feet getting tired every day more and more. I am a chef and owner of a small deli. My lease is up the 2nd of Jan. and I don’t want to renew. I want to change fields. I am afraid of losing income.read more »

I took my flabby arms to beach, and… Most Liked

they had the best day ever! You know I always speak from my truth and from my own experiences.read more »

So Angry Hot Conversation

My daughter and I have never gotten along from day one. Seriously, from the day she was born it’s been a battle. I wasn’t the best parent in the world, I made tons of mistakes, had my own selfish issues, and didn’t deal wread more »

Would you pay this much for an apartment?

I have a dillema:   I live in the southern portion of a large metropolitan city in the Mid West. It is what could be called mostly “blue collar”. Now there is nothing wrong with that except there are only blue collarread more »

Cat up a tree

I have a walled garden and no pets except a wild hedgehog who lives in a little hut I put at the back of my property. He is very helpful in that he eats slugs…and he’s so cute he looks like a little brush on legs. My neighbours read more »

Spring 2014: Welcome with the Best Accessories

It is indeed a treat for the fashion lover…a visual delight for him or her as there are newer things that will flood the markets as a part of the read more »

Post menopausal and arthritic..How do I lose the extra pounds?!

I have gained so much weight since I went through menopause and I also have terribly painful arthritic feet and spine…Can anyone give me advice on how to drop the dangerous weight I’ve gained as a result???…I am desperate at thisread more »

Learning a beauty regimen-at my age? Most Liked Hot Conversation

When I was young…in my 20′s, 30′s or even 40′s…it didn’t take much to look ok, My skin, hair and nails all looked good, simply because I was young or young-er. Now that I’m in my late 50′s, however, read more »

Measured By Feet

After the historic inauguration of Barrack Obama back in 2009 many journalists spoke of Mrs. Obama’s shoes. How deep. Through history, from Cleopatra to Madonna we have been informed, through various sources (from hieroglyphics to Vogue), ofread more »

Police in my classroom. What to do?

I have been substitute teaching for the better part of a month and I have had the daily senarios of:   1. being called a b@@tch. I understand that I have not graduated to the familiar term f@@cking b@@tch. I must have to go throread more »