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Preventing a Future Fall

After reading about a subscriber’s recent fall, I wanted to share my Top 3 Balance Exercises. These exercises have improved balance in my senior and boomer patients. Some have felt quite strongly that performing the exercises on a regular baread more »

Divorce and finances

My mind is overwhelmed since 2011, October.  That’s when my ex, a pharmacist moved on to his 4th wife.  He booted me to the curb, literally, used her as the “babysitter”, married her and they are living in what was my home in mread more »

Exercise bike or treadmill

We need to purchase either a treadmill or exercise bike for our house.  I have a bad back and can’t do a stairclimber or eliptical.  I want a bike with a seat back and my husband wants a treadmill.  I have issues with my feet and knees soread more »

Kegel Exercises for Women: How to Find the Right Muscles

You can't hope to perform Kegel exercises for women correctly if you aren't sure how to locate and target the right muscles.read more »

Move for career! Hot Conversation

I received a phone call yesterday from a former supervisor with company for whom I worked in the early to mid 2000′s. (I had to leave this particular company to try to salvage the family business the ex ran into the ground). I got the busineread more »

To be used…or not to be used..that is the question

My daughter was in a very bad accident three months ago. My husband and I came to live with her and her husband along with her 5yr old and 3 month old. Previous to this accident my husband and I were in a financial mess due to me losing my job froread more »

Advanced Kegel Exercises for Women

If you think you’ve gone about as far as you can go with standard Kegel exercises for women, take your routine up to the advanced level.read more »

Advice on being picked on Hot Conversation

I am in my early 60′s and after 10 months of being laid off from an employer who sold the business,  I was happy to be back in the work force.  I work in a moderate size office and know my trade exceptionally well. The agency is owned by aread more »

Dark under eye circles

I have ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes. As most of us know, as we age, these get even more pronounced. I’ve wasted soooo much time and money trying to either cover or get rid of them!!! Make up (which I would rather not use…) oread more »


Every time I turn around I find my self spending money on new fangled products and then I realize that there are so many we use every day that don’t cost much at all. I went in and bought $35.00 worth of pond clarifying chemicals, beread more »