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Every time I turn around I find my self spending money on new fangled products and then I realize that there are so many we use every day that don’t cost much at all. I went in and bought $35.00 worth of pond clarifying chemicals, beread more »

my daughters don’t understand

I’ve been divorced for 1 1/2 years. Not long, I know.  I left a loveless marriage.  Being verbally and mentally abused, I was as my wits end and leaving was my only choice.  My daughters were 19 and 21.  I waited, like most women do, untread more »

On line dating Hot Conversation

Well, I jumped in with both feet.  At first I was scared to death.  Now i’m just frustrated. When you like a photo I thought that sent the signal you can write back.  What is with these men? I wrote to a few that liked me anread more »

Learn to laugh at yourself…

My life has not been all that great..A lot of hardshp..It could have been a lot worse..Most people lives, have not been that great…I have learned laughing is the best med.I laugh at myself all the time..When i say, or do something really sturead more »

reinvent Most Liked Hot Conversation

At 62 working more hours than young people my feet getting tired every day more and more. I am a chef and owner of a small deli. My lease is up the 2nd of Jan. and I don’t want to renew. I want to change fields. I am afraid of losing income.read more »

I took my flabby arms to beach, and… Most Liked Hot Conversation

they had the best day ever! You know I always speak from my truth and from my own experiences.read more »

So Angry Hot Conversation

My daughter and I have never gotten along from day one. Seriously, from the day she was born it’s been a battle. I wasn’t the best parent in the world, I made tons of mistakes, had my own selfish issues, and didn’t deal wread more »

Would you pay this much for an apartment?

I have a dillema:   I live in the southern portion of a large metropolitan city in the Mid West. It is what could be called mostly “blue collar”. Now there is nothing wrong with that except there are only blue collarread more »

Cat up a tree

I have a walled garden and no pets except a wild hedgehog who lives in a little hut I put at the back of my property. He is very helpful in that he eats slugs…and he’s so cute he looks like a little brush on legs. My neighbours read more »

Spring 2014: Welcome with the Best Accessories

It is indeed a treat for the fashion lover…a visual delight for him or her as there are newer things that will flood the markets as a part of the read more »