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Advanced Kegel Exercises for Women

If you think you’ve gone about as far as you can go with standard Kegel exercises for women, take your routine up to the advanced level.read more »

Advice on being picked on Hot Conversation

I am in my early 60′s and after 10 months of being laid off from an employer who sold the business,  I was happy to be back in the work force.  I work in a moderate size office and know my trade exceptionally well. The agency is owned by aread more »

Dark under eye circles

I have ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes. As most of us know, as we age, these get even more pronounced. I’ve wasted soooo much time and money trying to either cover or get rid of them!!! Make up (which I would rather not use…) oread more »


Every time I turn around I find my self spending money on new fangled products and then I realize that there are so many we use every day that don’t cost much at all. I went in and bought $35.00 worth of pond clarifying chemicals, beread more »

my daughters don’t understand Hot Conversation

I’ve been divorced for 1 1/2 years. Not long, I know.  I left a loveless marriage.  Being verbally and mentally abused, I was as my wits end and leaving was my only choice.  My daughters were 19 and 21.  I waited, like most women do, untread more »

On line dating Hot Conversation

Well, I jumped in with both feet.  At first I was scared to death.  Now i’m just frustrated. When you like a photo I thought that sent the signal you can write back.  What is with these men? I wrote to a few that liked me anread more »

Learn to laugh at yourself…

My life has not been all that great..A lot of hardshp..It could have been a lot worse..Most people lives, have not been that great…I have learned laughing is the best med.I laugh at myself all the time..When i say, or do something really sturead more »

reinvent Most Liked Hot Conversation

At 62 working more hours than young people my feet getting tired every day more and more. I am a chef and owner of a small deli. My lease is up the 2nd of Jan. and I don’t want to renew. I want to change fields. I am afraid of losing income.read more »

I took my flabby arms to beach, and… Most Liked Hot Conversation

they had the best day ever! You know I always speak from my truth and from my own experiences.read more »

So Angry Hot Conversation

My daughter and I have never gotten along from day one. Seriously, from the day she was born it’s been a battle. I wasn’t the best parent in the world, I made tons of mistakes, had my own selfish issues, and didn’t deal wread more »