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Learning a beauty regimen-at my age?

When I was young…in my 20′s, 30′s or even 40′s…it didn’t take much to look ok, My skin, hair and nails all looked good, simply because I was young or young-er. Now that I’m in my late 50′s, however, read more »

Measured By Feet

After the historic inauguration of Barrack Obama back in 2009 many journalists spoke of Mrs. Obama’s shoes. How deep. Through history, from Cleopatra to Madonna we have been informed, through various sources (from hieroglyphics to Vogue), ofread more »

Police in my classroom. What to do?

I have been substitute teaching for the better part of a month and I have had the daily senarios of:   1. being called a b@@tch. I understand that I have not graduated to the familiar term f@@cking b@@tch. I must have to go throread more »

Reinventing myself after 23 years homeschooling! Hot Conversation

Hello Ladies, Yes, you read it right, 23 years homeschooling. I mean, who does that, right? Well, I did and I loved every minute of it. And I certainly hope my children did as well. We all have wonderful memories. Here’s thread more »

Please help – Scared and depressed ending a long-term marriage Hot Conversation

I’ve been a VN member for quite a while and some may recognize me because of that.  From my previous entries you may be wondering why I label myself “scared and depressed” as I end a long-term marriage. I’ve been maread more »

In praise of running

When I lost my job; I lost my capability to financially sustain my gym membership and my zumba classes. But I did not let these derail my weight loss program. What i did was to run to my daughter’ school tracks (which happens to be convenienread more »

Do yoga to practice Kegel exercises for women

If you want to incorporate Kegel exercises for women into your regular workout, start doing yoga.read more »

Will I ever get along with my teens again?

I have three teens and this has been the roughest year for getting along with them. I recently divorced after 23 years and it’s taken me much longer to get back on my feet than my kids would like. Their father moved on before the divorce eread more »

Kegel Exercises for Women May Cause Muscle Imbalance

If you don’t have strong glutes, performing regular Kegel exercises for women could be causing serious muscle problems in the pelvic floor.read more »

How do we Get Through our Rough Waters to Discover our Tranquil Sea?

Through my work with my eating psychology training, I’m learning how to get out of my head and to take a chance living in my body.  This is not easy for me – I’ve been in my head for so many years escaping the painful feeling in my body.  read more »