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Guilt of ending relationship

I have been in a relationship with a man for the last two years.  This relationship had some fun and good times and I have feelings for this man BUT I have never felt in love with him and have felt all along that this is not what I want for the read more »

How do I ask him to trim his beard and mustache? Hot Conversation

As I start to write, I realize this seems like a simple solution—-just ask him! Soooooo, a few weeks ago I ran across a man and his dog who I see on a fairly regular basis in the park. This time as we talked, I walked with them. At the end oread more »

Silly Sessions: Emerging From The Gloom Of Loss! Most Liked

Two days before the one-year anniversary of my mom’s passing, I found myself in a pathetic mood.  I was weepy, sad, focusing on all of the unpleasant memories of the 9 years my mom and our family lived with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Aread more »

Which Vibrator Reviews Can You Trust?

Reading customer reviews is a good way to find a quality product at the right price, but can you really trust vibrator reviews?read more »

Leaving Baltimore

My last Friday Message from Baltimore ..   Ok, it’s Saturday – my laptop is set up on a TV tray.  I am surrounded by boxes and paper and bits and pieces that didn’t go on the truck yesterday.  It starteread more »

A little melancholy today

My VN friends, There are times ( like today) that I gets a little sad over what I thought my life was going to be ( those …expectations) I know this normal but I guess I’m wondering how you gals work thru this. After living inread more »

Vibrator Use and You: Just How Sexually Deviant Are You?

Many women find vibrator use to a bit embarrassing. They don’t want to talk about it or even think too much about it. But are you really a sexual deviant?read more »

How to Prevent Dyspareunia

If you were to ask 5 women at random, odds are that at least two of them have experienced dyspareunia, otherwise known as painful sex.read more »

lonely Hot Conversation

In a young minded 61year old mother/grandmother.  My daughter lives 10 minutes away and I do whatever I can (babysit, help around her house, etc.  She also has a husband and I KNOW how busy they all are.  I just feel so left out, I&read more »

Vaginal Estrogen Cream Can Cause Unwanted Side Effects

Women who are experiencing female dryness and dyspareunia can get a lot of relief by using vaginal estrogen cream.read more »