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yesterday, after almost two years, i handed the signed divorce papers to X.  and i can finally say X in my mind.  that alone is a wonderful feeling, lol. i read the women on this site thru out the two years.  the first weeks, i searched read more »

Book For Parents with Adult Children

If you have an adult child that hurts your feelings and you don’t know why, please read this wonderful book!   Walking on Eggshells Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents. Author-Janread more »

Loving Oneself After Hurt and Betrayal

Needed to post this for myself- maybe will help another. Gods grace and mercy has lifted my depression and suicidal thoughts. I thank you God. I was posting about my bitter divorce and betrayal from family and then let go of the anger and dramread more »

Women Against Women

We have all been there: —the daughter-in-law who controls and doesn’t want her son to continue a relationship with us —the woman at work who snipes and manipulates to advance her career at the expense of other womenread more »

Be a Curator

BLESSINGS TO ALL FOR THE BEST YEAR EVER!! Every year I pick a new daily reader book to start my morning spiritual practices with.  This year I decided to revisit Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance. On January 1read more »

38 years and divorcing? Most Liked Hot Conversation

Needing support, encouragement, peace of mind, tips . . . . After a long marriage I am thinking of divorcing my husband.  I don’t want to, but feel unloved, even though I still love him.  This was supposed to read more »


I need help….for christmas i work hard to get wonderful gifts to my family and send it so they have it on christmas. This year. no one got their gifts to me. actually my son didnt even send a card,,,nothing. Everyone called on Christmas haread more »

Five Mindful Steps to a More Graceful and Happy Life. From Mindful Magazine by Elisha Goldstein

Here is short practice from Uncovering Happiness to feel that “encouragement of light” during this time: 1. Think of a person or animal who represents a loving and kind presence in your life. This can be a good friend who is aliread more »

Morals and manners…

I was perusing the site this morning and found an old post relating to boyfriend and adult children. The just was that the man with whom she had a good relationship did not want to spend time with her adult son who was intending to come “homread more »

To be used…or not to be used..that is the question

My daughter was in a very bad accident three months ago. My husband and I came to live with her and her husband along with her 5yr old and 3 month old. Previous to this accident my husband and I were in a financial mess due to me losing my job froread more »