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Sweat is the great beauty equalizer…

I wouldn't normally be this catty, but...read more »

Are you poor?

Poverty can alter behavior. Poor nutrition can alter behavior. Being cold 24 hours a day can alter behavior. Being so poor school isn’t an option is a disaster waiting to happen. read more »

Define mom jeans, Lee, or get ready for some Wrangling! Most Liked Hot Conversation

Lee’s new tv spot has a 20-something young woman uttering a vehement statement “I’ll never wear mom jeans”! She's right. If her body stays 20-something, sleek and slim she never will wear “mom jeans."read more »

Going buggy: Swearing off of thrift stores

New York is suffering from an infestation of bed bugs, and like a starving woman on a diet, of course, I can think of nothing but the amazing clothing I've found "slightly used" in seasons past — and feverishly seeking alternatives for my seconread more »

menopause and me

I had a hysterectomy eleven years ago and found the weight gain an onslaught despite my exercise habits. I had been one size most of my adult life and even after childbirth regained my figure. This was good since I had always enjoyed the cut and fread more »

Boom and bust: Top ways Boomer women are adapting to recessionary times

Boomer women, in general, and particularly the coveted upscale women 50+ of the VibrantNation.com community, have much to teach marketers about how they are adapting their purchasing behavior to changing circumstances. read more »