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The Difference Between Lubricant and Vaginal Estrogen Cream

Should you be using lubricant for your female dryness, or do you need vaginal estrogen cream?read more »

Are You Really Making Progress with Kegel Exercises for Women?

Exercising doesn’t work unless you’re doing it regularly, and that counts for Kegel exercises for women as well.read more »

A Love Story

In May, I participated in Panache DeSai’s 33 day program online with his new book – “Discovering Your Soul Signature.”  One thing about doing spiritual work, anything that needs to be released comes up.  In my case, deep childhood emread more »

5 Tips that will help you Gear up for the Trendiest Summer Yet

Summer is here and so are the fun times. Start hitting the pool or beach with friends, having gallons of lemonade and infinite number of ice-creams and popsicles! And… let’s not forget getting some real awesome tan! The change in season also iread more »

Is Female Dryness Causing Your Abnormal Bleeding?

Changes brought about by menopause stop your menstrual cycle, so the appearance of vaginal bleeding can be terrifying.read more »

Vibrators for Women: Now with Oral Stimulation

Is it possible that you’ve been using the wrong kind of vibrators for women?read more »

Spiritual sexuality Most Liked

I just read an amazing book about enhancing and deepening spiritual and physical intimacy in relationships, old or new, through a practice begun by a courageous woman named Margo Landry. In her new book Loving You Enlights Me, she describes her joread more »

What you (probably) don’t know about vibrators for women

Vibrators for women aren’t advertised as often as perfume, nor discussed as much as the most recent celebrity break-up, and there’s probably a lot you don’t know about these fascinating devices.read more »

Honor the Decision, One Moment at a Time

Yesterday a great man died who spent most of his life working for freedom.   Today I watched a video from Mary Morrisey where she recounted her meeting with Nelson Mandela.  She had asked him how he’d gone from being an angry young man to oneread more »

Dyspareunia: Is the pain in your head, or your uterus?

Dyspareunia, painful sex, is a symptom that can be caused by a wide variety of different conditions.read more »