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Problem regarding deceased dad of my partner

The problem is not with the dad himself. He is deceased. The problem is with the family he left behind and the hulabaloo they are creating regarding a memorial for him. My male partner, his brothers and sister have been spending all their non-worread more »

Ten Ways To Restore Energy When You’re Exhausted Or Burned Out

Something to think about… 10 Ways To Restore Energy When You’re Exhausted Or Burned Out You have the power to cultivate energy within your body in any moment. Even when you’re exhausted, burned out read more »

What you need to know before having Botox injections

Botox is a common cosmetic procedure, but does that mean it’s safe for you?read more »

Call to Prayer

Suddenly the sounds of a helicopter flying low and sirens split the peace of my afternoon.  My housemate and I wondered what was going on.  She went on Facebook and we discovered there was a hazmat threat at a school not too far from us.read more »

To Create or Not to Create, That is the Question. Most Liked

I wax philosophical on Sundays, mulling over those deep questions of human existence and why we are here. Are we here to take up space and get caught up in the gears of our cultural existence—sitting on the couch after a grinding work day watchiread more »

Gum Disease after 45: What every vibrant woman should know

A little gum disease might seem like no big deal because it’s such a common and easy to treat condition.read more »

Sleeping with the frenemy: How to get great sleep even though your partner snores

If you’ve got a snoring partner, you know the pain of restless sleep.read more »

What we can learn from Alzheimer’s right now. Hot Conversation

I know quite a bit about Alzheimer's. And, this may shock you. I am so glad I do. My mother, through her ever-increasing haze, over a 10-year period, actually provided me with indelible lessons for LIVING.read more »

How to find local and online book clubs

Finding great books to read is pretty easy, but finding other people who want to talk about them is a different matter altogether.read more »

Do you want to reinvent your life?

Leeza Gibbons new book ‘Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings’ is amazing!! She offers terrific tips for women, especially those over 50. read more »