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Female Thinning Hair Style Tips
Fashion & Beauty
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Female thinning hair doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With a few style tricks and techniques, you can make your hair look fuller and more beautiful without resorting to a bunch of extreme measures. Learn what to do and what not to do to show off the best of your hair instead of the worst.

Female Thinning Hair

It doesn’t get all the attention that male hair problems receive, but female thinning hair is a common issue. Many women find themselves facing this trouble as they go through menopause, when they already have plenty of symptoms and problems to worry about. The stress of thinning hair can be extremely counter-productive, as stress actually makes hair loss even worse.

Calm down. Hair loss is not the worst thing in the world, though it definitely feels that way. Start stocking up on the right products, and master the right style techniques, to boost your hair and give it the volume and lift that you want.

Creating Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for thin hair are more than using the right kind of hairspray. Start thinking about all aspects of your hair care, and make changes to your routine, to get the thick hair look you want.

  • Conditioner: Thinning hair? Women can do themselves a favor by ditching the conditioner completely. If you can’t live without it, choose a lightweight conditioner that won’t leave a residue on your locks. Hair oil, applied to wet hair after a shampoo, is a lightweight way to give hair moisture.
  • Color: The  more color you have to your hair, the better. Try getting your locks dyed in a basket weave design that uses two colors to create contrast. This multi-tonal effect will capture light and shadow to give your hair the illusion of volume.
  • Health: Are you getting enough iron? This nutrient is essential to strong hair. Eat plenty of leafy greens to keep your hair strong. You’ve got to take good care of the hair you’ve got to prevent female hair thinning in the future and keep your existing locks looking great.
  • Massage: Before you go to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning, massage your scalp in a circular motion. This will get blood flowing, something that’s essential for hair growth.
  • Brush: Get rid of that metal hairbrush with the hard bristles, and switch to a soft nylon brush instead. This will cause a lot less breakage. After all, you don’t want to lose the hair you do have.

Your hair is changing, and that means you have to change the way you’re styling it. Female thinning hair is a pain to deal with and it’s pretty scary, but if you make some adjustments to your daily routine you will see an improvement in the way your locks look.

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Have You Got 5 Minutes to Practice Kegel Exercises for Women?
Love & Sex
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You can throw away all those reminders and get rid of the cryptic notes: there’s a new way to manage your Kegel exercises for women. If you have 5 minutes a day, you can use this new device to get the muscle strength that you want.

Doing Your Kegels

It’s happened to many women. You read an article or watch a show all about the importance of Kegels. You learn about the pelvic floor, the muscle group that surrounds the vagina and supports your bladder. You find out that a strong pelvic floor can make sex more enjoyable and give you better control over your bladder at the same time. Kegels are incredibly effective for controlling light bladder leakage.

A regular Kegel workout keeps vaginal walls strong and your muscles healthy. This improves with lubrication and prevents dyspareunia, painful sex.

So for about a week, maybe two, you practice your Kegel exercises for women. You count your reps and pay attention to your muscles. Then you get busy one day and forget to do them. Pretty soon, you missed a week and didn’t even notice.

Smart Kegel Exercises for Women

Any exercise program is easier when you have a personal trainer. KegelSmart is a new device that’s designed to act like a trainer to coach you through Kegel exercises for women. You use it for 5 minutes a day to strengthen your pelvic floor and get the Kegels workout that you need.

The KegelSmart is designed to help you remember to do your Kegels, and to make it easy to do them at the same time. This device has been cleared by the FDA and it’s rated as a Class II medical device. Designers worked with gynecologists in creating KegelSmart.

The device sets an exercise level for you based on your skill. It vibrates to guide you through your Kegel routine. The LED light shows you the level you’re at in your routine.

It’s made to be very easy and quick to use. Your entire workout takes 5 minutes, and the device lets you know when you’re performing your reps the right way. It’s natural for your attention to wander, for you to forget, for you to get a little lax in any exercise routine. The KegelSmart keeps on you track and keeps helping you build those muscles.

Kegel exercises for women are important for vaginal health, but it’s not always easy to perform them perfectly all on your own. You may get distracted while you’re counting reps, or lose focus. A device that can help you perfect your workout helps to prevent all that.

Liz Kitchens
The Paradox of Parenthood
Family & Relationships
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I spent seven February days in Chicago caring for my newly born granddaughter.  Did I mention the February in Chicago part? winter cold The -14 degrees part?  It was a fabulous week filled with so much love and delight.  Such a point of connection for my son and me.

My daughter flew in as well.  Scrambling eggs one morning, accompanied by David’s music playlist, I beheld my daughter cooing with baby Maya as her brother and sister-in-law perused family baby photos of yesteryear.  This is why we have kids– for these moments of utter contentment and completeness.  children and grandchildren

Now, did you hear the “moments” part of the above sentence?  Let’s be honest, to achieve those moments requires hours of energy expenditure, a/k/a work.  Now, much of that work is joyful work.  Feeling useful is so satisfying and contributes to one’s sense of well-being and happiness.  Ok, all the benefits of hard work and self sacrifice aside, the work part is exhausting.  I was assigned the early morning baby caring shift.  That meant arising at 5:30 and trudging two blocks in the snow and -14 degree weather to fulfill my motherly/grandmotherly duties.  Once in the warmth of the apartment, heaven awaited in the form of my baby girl.  That intoxicating baby fragrence; the feel of her head tucked beneath my chin; to know I’ve not lost the ability to soothe a baby back to sleep.  Priceless moments.

But there was also

  • taking the dog out for exercise and elimination;
  • climbing basement stairs on wounded knee with mounds of laundry;
  • grocery shopping (organic only);
  • car pooling;
  • Starbuck’s drive-throughs;
  • even hosting an Oscar night party.

Did I mention I’m 61?

I had coffee recently with a Lady Boomer friend.  Her 92 year old father had recently passed away.  While his passing was not a surprise given his age, the significance of the loss was profound.  But she has not really been afforded the opportunity to sit with her grief.  She is being pulled by so many sources and obligations.  Her adult children and even her husband are making a lot of demands on her time and emotional resources.  All these demands leave little space and stamina for one’s own needs and wants.

Even, or especially, being in our 60s, we still have dreams we want to pursue.  I know when I returned from Chicago, I had little to no physical and psychic energy left for my own creative aspirations.  I gave my friend a prescription, one I so hope I follow.  Carve out 2-4 hours in the coming week for yourself.  Seems simple, right?  Not so much.  You have to commit to the promise and build in accountability.  Use the time to…

(1) meditate, (2) write in a journal, (3) take a walk or a bike ride, (4) wander through a museum or gallery, whatever you do, do it alone.  You need to carve out time to hear your own thoughts and needs.  Who knows, by creating this space, you might actually implement some of the things you hear from yourself.


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Women 50+ Know: How to shed clutter and simplify their lives
Home & Garden
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1. Minimize the mementos from your children’s early years.
From Lisa @ Grandma’s Briefs in How to shed the stuff you don’t need (and your kids won’t want)
Mother’s Day gifts made in preschool, unidentifiable art-class and wood shop projects and every scrap of sentimentality have their place, but it’s a very limited place. Save only those that really tug at the heart strings, not every crayon-scribbled, glitter-pocked piece of paper.

2. Speaking of paper, get rid of (most of) it.
From Lisa @ Grandma’s Briefs in How to shed the stuff you don’t need (and your kids won’t want)
There’s no need to save every single greeting card, every single receipt, every single recipe that one may have intended to try but never did. A paper shredder — of which we found an unused one in Granny’s possession — comes in handy for such things.

3. Go on a clothes diet
From Sarah G. Carter in Could you go on a clothes diet?
We all have too many clothes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a really limited wardrobe? Life would be simple. Just wear the same things. No fuss, no bother. No decisions.

4.Recognize the surprising forms that clutter sometimes takes.
From Julie Morgenstern in 10 ways to shed the clutter in your life
Clutter is not necessarily disorganization. Clutter is about what’s stagnant and stuck. Some people can find (and eliminate) clutter in their lives that they never expected.

5. Go through your house and find 5 very stagnant areas.
From Julie Morgenstern in 10 ways to shed the clutter in your life

With each one, ask yourself, “If all this were gone what would I miss?” Instantly you will recognize the treasures. Heave everything that’s not on the list. The answers are in your stuff. One client had a utility closet outside her kitchen. In that closet she found all kinds of things, but 80% of it was not used.  I asked what would she miss. A sewing machine that her grandmother had given her. Why? First, it came from her grandmother – but it was much more than that, it was the symbol of the creativity that she used to thrive on – the happiness she found in making clothes and creating things. That emerged. Everywhere we went, the treasures were the things that represented her creativity and her joy. She was able to reactivate. She’s lost 50 pounds, has started her own business. We didn’t know what she was going to do with that information. But she cleared out the clutter and it allowed her to pursue that creativity.

6. Let go – with love.
From mebutter in Clearing the clutter
I feel happy to have my memories and happier still to be ready to embark on a new life. It took me six years to reach this point where I could relinquish the last bits of my ex-husband’s belongings. I did it without anger, without regret. I did it with love. I packaged his china securely. I collected all his coins. I selected some photos of our daughter and his family for him to have. After this week, I will be lighter and freerer.

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How to recreate brows from scratch with makeup
Fashion & Beauty
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Today’s Featured Comment

From Lois Joy Johnson

Former beauty and fashion director of More magazine Lois Joy Johnson shares the following tips in her Vibrant Nation Beauty Guide, Great Hair After 50:

  1. In general, a medium, full brow with a gentle arch and extended elongated shape is youthful and attractive on most women.
  2. When you create a new brow with makeup, allow time for your eye to adjust to seeing your face with more brow definition.
  3. Don’t aim for symmetry since one brow is always higher or fuller or arched differently.
  4. Brow powders make filling in bald areas and creating a natural-looking shape where hairs are missing easier. You can use a brush-on brow powder applied to a waxy balm base (they often come in kits together), using a firm, flat-tip, angled brow brush to feather in hairs.
  5. You can also try a powder pencil for a similar and faster effect.
  6. Brush any brow makeup pencils or powders through with a spiral brush to soften and blend the makeup for a more natural look.
  7. I recommend Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre Powder Pencil for Brows ($24 click here to buy), Dior Powder Brow Pencil ($28 click here to buy), and Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit ($35 click here to buy), which has powder filler, wax, and brushes in one mirrored compact.

[This advice was orginally posted in this conversation. ~ Eds.]