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Vibrators for Women: Now with Oral Stimulation

Is it possible that you’ve been using the wrong kind of vibrators for women?read more »

Spiritual sexuality Most Liked

I just read an amazing book about enhancing and deepening spiritual and physical intimacy in relationships, old or new, through a practice begun by a courageous woman named Margo Landry. In her new book Loving You Enlights Me, she describes her joread more »

What you (probably) don’t know about vibrators for women

Vibrators for women aren’t advertised as often as perfume, nor discussed as much as the most recent celebrity break-up, and there’s probably a lot you don’t know about these fascinating devices.read more »

Honor the Decision, One Moment at a Time

Yesterday a great man died who spent most of his life working for freedom.   Today I watched a video from Mary Morrisey where she recounted her meeting with Nelson Mandela.  She had asked him how he’d gone from being an angry young man to oneread more »

Dyspareunia: Is the pain in your head, or your uterus?

Dyspareunia, painful sex, is a symptom that can be caused by a wide variety of different conditions.read more »

Is your diet causing female dryness?

What you eat really does have an effect on your entire body, and it may be the cause of your female dryness.read more »

How safe is vaginal estrogen cream?

Women have learned to fear hormone replacement therapy, and that means anything containing estrogen is suspect…but how safe is vaginal estrogen cream, really?read more »

I Want a Divorce But Scared

I knew the moment I said I do that I was making a mistake.  And, I regret getting married.  I and my son benefitted in many ways; but, we also suffered some too.  Looking back our lives were fine.  My husband is a good many in many ways; but, read more »

My Heart Goes Out To You

Aging brings with it the opportunity to make decisions during our lives that will leave profound legacies; for our families and for people we will never meet once we are gone.read more »

Friendship in midlife: How to survive Facebook without pain, drama, controversy, or heartache

Friendship in midlife: How to survive Facebook without pain, drama, controversy, or heartacheread more »