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What you should (and shouldn’t) do to treat female dryness

For many women, female dryness is an inevitable effect of menopause.read more »

Undoing the damage of grey hair dye

Grey hair dye is an efficient way to cover up the color you don’t want, but it can definitely take a toll on the hair underneath.read more »

Rise Above

If I told you that you could save at least $3000 and avoid a certain (and avoidable) recession just by sending three emails, wouldn't you do it?read more »

Your best shade of grey hair color depends on skin tone

The natural grey hair color that springs out of your scalp may not be the most suitable shade for your face.read more »

The Answer to World Peace

Yep, I am convinced that mandatory customer service is the answer to world peace. read more »

Help your partner survive your hormonal night sweats

Hormonal night sweats are definitely miserable when they’re yours, but don’t underestimate the agony you’re visiting upon your partner.read more »

Itching or Burning?

While not life threatening, contact dermatitis can be very "quality of life" threatening, interfering with comfort during daily activities and intimate relationships. The sooner you seek treatment, the better.read more »

Estranged Adult Daughter

I feel so lonely and upset and I don't think there is a way for my daughter and I ever to make peace.read more »

Sex and Depression: Tricky Combination

To get a handle on the dance between depression and loss of libido, begin by understanding how common and treatable it is.read more »

The psychological effect of breast reduction and lift surgery

Breast reduction and lift surgery is a medical procedure for a great many women with very large breasts.read more »