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What you need to know before having a Lifestyle Lift

The commercials are seductive, but don’t rush into a Lifestyle Lift procedure.read more »

Wearing My Big Girl Pants Post 50!

As I’ve aged, I’ve discovered one thing to be perfectly true about myself. My mind has a tendency to wander. (Have you seen that new kitchen gadget that’s supposed to make your life that much easier? ) Umm…actually, read more »

Daughter moving 3000 miles away Hot Conversation

My 21 year old daughter is moving away with her friend. She is bored in the city we live in and wants to get away. She is in a dead end job and I have been talking to her about going back to school or changing jobs but did not expect this. Her friread more »

Eye Candy

My daughter says it’s an addiction. I say I need options. I’m talking about my vast collection of “cheaters,” those small colorful magnifying lens glasses available on the endcap of your local grocery, or drug store. I started usingread more »

For your e-reader: Free and affordable ebooks for your Kindle, Nook, or iPad

Loving books can be a bad habit if you’re breaking the budget on buying new reads.read more »

Sarah Gayle Carter: MIA for 4 years. Catch up, and join me for 7 weeks of adventure in SW France!

Now if I can only manage to navigate the feat of organization required to drop out of normal life for 7 weeks. Not to mention editing down to only 50lbs of stuff to sustain me.read more »

How to brainstorm fun and creative book club names

Book clubs are a great way to connect with people who have interests similar to your own.read more »

There are Inexpensive Ways to Eat Healthy Most Liked

You meet some of the nicest people at farmers’ markets. I also like the fact that shopping at a farmers market creates a healthy, pleasant habit and it is one of the few places anymore where you can linger for hours (as a customer, too), have pleasread more »

Giving your grown children money: Where and how to draw the line

A tough economy, a few failed business plans, grandchildren – it all adds up to a lot of reasons why parents feel compelled to give their grown children money.read more »

Brown spots on my face Most Liked Hot Conversation

I have been self-conscious about brown spots on the left side of my face. Sun damage? Age spots? Whatever the cause they were continuing to appear in a line down the side of my face. I tried every remedy I could find, natural like lemon juice,read more »