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what’s going on

My spouse of 42 years has ED and we have not had physical intimacy for 6+ years.  I asked his to see his dr and he prescribed Levitra.  Still  no reaction and when I asked him he said  “it doesn’t work “besides they’re read more »

an angel in a moment

My faith propels me to believe that everyone has opportunities to experience an angel in a moment, either meeting one or being one. This kind of angel is someone who clearly has been sent by God or “the Universe” to heal your paread more »

Failure to launch: supporting 20-something children in a luxury lifestyle Hot Conversation

At the risk of repeating myself, I need some ideas on how to gently suggest to someone that their continued funding of adult children’s (age 24-28) luxuries is not good for anyone?  I launched my children much earlier and they are now confiread more »

Do you enjoy having houseguests?

It’s the end of summer. My husband and I are fortunate enough to own a lake house on a smallish lake somewhere in the Midwest. I’ve had numerous family members, with children, half the summer. When I’m not hosting familyread more »

virtual sex

it was only virtual sex but it has a profound  effect on me partly because he was very, very good at it. i was practically blown out of my mind by the experience. but when he dumped me i feel used, cheap and trashed. am i over-reacting? read more »

Ovation cell therapy?

Has anyone tried it? My daughter just spent $100 at a fair. Can’t find it any cheaper. 0 likeread more »

What you need to know before having laser skin treatment

Laser treatments sound like a pretty harmless cosmetic procedure that can do all sorts of amazing things to your face, from erasing blemishes to erasing the years.read more »

How can I overcome the depression? Hot Conversation

My husband of 19 years decided to divorce me two weeks ago. It was a total surprise to me. He met someone else. I am 50 years old and have a 16 years old at home. My husband has much higher income and he is trying to get out cheap. I can’tread more »

Problem regarding deceased dad of my partner

The problem is not with the dad himself. He is deceased. The problem is with the family he left behind and the hulabaloo they are creating regarding a memorial for him. My male partner, his brothers and sister have been spending all their non-worread more »

What you need to know before having a Lifestyle Lift Most Liked

The commercials are seductive, but don’t rush into a Lifestyle Lift procedure.read more »