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Would you pay this much for an apartment?

I have a dillema:   I live in the southern portion of a large metropolitan city in the Mid West. It is what could be called mostly “blue collar”. Now there is nothing wrong with that except there are only blue collarread more »

The Price of Eggs Hot Conversation

I was discussing this subject with a very purchasing concious friend and we were comparing the price of eggs in Indianapolis ($2.00-$3.25 dz) to Northern Kentucky (no more than $1.89 dz).   I was able to find a dz eggs yesterdayread more »

women who filed for divorce Hot Conversation

I see so many posts on here about women who are devastated and shocked by the ending of a long term marriage.  I filed for divorce. I couldn’t stand another minute with him. I would like to hear from the women who made the leap . How are yoread more »


Hello, I bought the cheap sheets at a kiosk at the mall, $29.95 for a queen set with 4 pillow cases. When I got them home and unpacked, I saw it was microfiber. There was no indication on the packaging that it was microfiber. I washed them, and sread more »

Oh the destruction of the after effects of love-He did me a favor

Petty this and Petty that   I was down with a mother of a flu (will be 5 days today and going back to my 9$ job tomorrow) and I asked that the ex bring over cat litter and cat tuna since I was comatose and would not, could not gread more »

Hurting Even Though I Have Done the Right Thing

Hi, My first post here. I’m 50 and have just ended a year long relationship with a 45 year old man because of his alcoholism. When we first met (through our daughters who are friends), I thought he was wonderful, everything I had been lookinread more »

what’s going on

My spouse of 42 years has ED and we have not had physical intimacy for 6+ years.  I asked his to see his dr and he prescribed Levitra.  Still  no reaction and when I asked him he said  “it doesn’t work “besides they’re read more »

an angel in a moment

My faith propels me to believe that everyone has opportunities to experience an angel in a moment, either meeting one or being one. This kind of angel is someone who clearly has been sent by God or “the Universe” to heal your paread more »

Failure to launch: supporting 20-something children in a luxury lifestyle Hot Conversation

At the risk of repeating myself, I need some ideas on how to gently suggest to someone that their continued funding of adult children’s (age 24-28) luxuries is not good for anyone?  I launched my children much earlier and they are now confiread more »

Do you enjoy having houseguests?

It’s the end of summer. My husband and I are fortunate enough to own a lake house on a smallish lake somewhere in the Midwest. I’ve had numerous family members, with children, half the summer. When I’m not hosting familyread more »