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Doctor recommended vitamins and supplements to stop hot flashes, treat menopausal symptoms

Menopause can be a difficult time for women -- both emotionally and physically. You'll need help to stop hot flashes and get relief from menopause symptoms like hormonal night sweats.read more »

Staying Close after Cancer

“Women often shut down emotionally from their partners for a number of reasons,” says Maureen Ryan, sex therapist and nurse practitioner. “Maybe they’re scared; maybe they’re afraid of what’s to come. So they shut down and build a wread more »

Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Yoga also encourages a sense of mindfulness—being aware of the moment and present to it. When the recent past is full of pain and the future is full of fear, mindfulness brings people back to the present moment.read more »

Hot flashes: 4 herbal and alternative treatments

If you prefer a nonprescription approach to treating hot flashes, you have are a few options. These alternative remedies can be a wise choice for women who have blood clots, women who have had breast cancer, or women who are taking Tamoxifen or underread more »

3 meds for (off-label) hot flash relief

There are several other prescription treatments used off -label for reducing hot flashes.read more »

Use hypnosis to stop hot flashes

Women have attempted everything, so why not try getting hypnotized to stop hot flashes?read more »

Estrogen Where It’s Needed

You’ve tried everything. You use a natural moisturizer, plus a lubricant during sex. No soaps, sprays, scents, dyes, or synthetic underwear touch your bottom. You’re the queen of vaginal hygiene. And still you’re troubled by dry, itching, or inread more »

vaginal dryness: cancer survivors say sexual side-effects go unaddressed

One cause of vaginal dryness that does not get the attention that it deserves is treatment for cancers including breast or gynecologic cancers.read more »

4 questions to ask before you start hormone replacement therapy

How do you know if HRT is right for you? Here are 4 questions to ask your physician before you decide.read more »

Is hormone therapy right for you? 4 questions to ask before you start

Some menopausal women avoid hormone therapy because they fear potential side effects, but the fact is, hormone therapy may be your best option for treating menopause symptoms. How do you know if HRT is right for you?read more »