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Resuscitate Your Bloom

Time to get our toes ready to bloom into full exposure at the yearly spring inaugural flip flop event. What a blissful happening–unencumbered metatarsals freed from confinement to move around as they wish—oh joy! Simultaneously, as read more »

prickly daughter-in-law

We have two beautiful grand daughters (2yrs and one year) but we rarely see them. We only live fifteen mins from their place but our daughter-in-law doesn’t like us to call without an appointment. Fair enough, I undersatand it can be diffiucread more »

My adult married daughter is in a no win situation and the mama bear in me is begging to intervene. Hot Conversation

My beautiful daughter and her wonderful fiance married in September . One month after the wedding his parents announced they were moving to our state to be closer to their son. My daughter and son in law promptly went and rented a larger place to read more »

When grandma becomes mommy… Most Liked Hot Conversation

For the past year, my dear but not-too-functional son — now 36 —  and his beautiful daughter, almost 4 years old, have been living with me and my husband, a man who never wanted children in his life and who has completely fallen in loread more »

Ex-DIL Hurting Granddaughter

My ex-dil berates my granddaughter about the clothes we allow my 7 year old gd to buy and wear. The clothes are pretty dresses, shoes my gd loves, skorts, and pull on jeans. She makes my gd feel horrible about wearing them and now my gd says she dread more »

Finding a Home Hot Conversation

I did something that really creeped me out at first. I went totally nuts and started researching 55+ communities where I live right now.   I went to one and it was OK but kinda down and out but I learned so much about income resread more »

7 months out and I called him – I must truly be nuts Hot Conversation

I have read and read about how it is “easier” for the leavor than the leavee.   I beg to disagree.   My former spouse was diagnosed with a host of mental problems and refused to accept responsibiliread more »

A gift from a Yogi

I stumbled upon a very insightful, liberating, and beautifully written blog by Ally Hamilton on yogisanonymous.com. There is a wealth of valuable reading and guidance offered in her archived writings. Also, there are some free yoga vidread more »


I want to replace the hardwood floor in my kitchen and breakfast area. Can anyone suggest something that is beautiful and very easy to care for. I have looked online at portstone but not sure if that is what I want. Thanks for any suggestions!!read more »

accidental death of dog

I think I just killed my best friend. In this extreme weather we have been having I had car trouble. My car over heated, and I had to add antifreeze. I never saw a puddle of it anywhere. I have a carpeted garage, and my car rarey sits outside.  Bread more »