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What Illness Made Me Finally Do

If you do not know I went through the flu from hell plus plus over the last three weeks with only myself to care for me and my dog and two cats.   Cooking, cleaning, bathing, going to the store etc. while wearing face mask and hread more »

adult children

Why is it so hard to let my youngest go? Im a grandmother now and have 2 beautiful grandsons to spoil…but I constantly worry about my kids and cant let go of my youngest who is 19. read more »

Empty nest…again

I have two beautiful, smart, funny, accomplished daughters. I love the with all my heart, but it just so happens I like them as well. They both went away to college. My younger, focused daughter never really came home except for little while durinread more »

In Love or In Love with the “Idea of Being in Love” ??

Sometimes wonder if I’m in love with the idea of being in love.. or if I truly am in love. In the beginning I could easily say– I was just in love with the idea.. now, I feel more like I am in love. It’s almost like waking up one day and read more »

Stuff and Emotional baggage

I wrote a couple of days ago about how I am purging my closets. I was on kind of an emotional high there for awhile. Jettisoning unwanted, unneeded stuff was exhilarating. My closets and drawers for clothes, makeup, linens (yes, I got rid of frayeread more »

Grossed out by physical appearance of men my age. Most Liked Hot Conversation

I am in my early 50″s. I am constantly told I look at least 10 years younger. Thankful and blessed. My issue is with men my age. I’ve looked around and it seems as though men start to fall apart around 48. Why does it seem like every mread more »

Divorce and finances

My mind is overwhelmed since 2011, October.  That’s when my ex, a pharmacist moved on to his 4th wife.  He booted me to the curb, literally, used her as the “babysitter”, married her and they are living in what was my home in mread more »

How to Buy (or not to Buy) a Retirement Home Hot Conversation

We thought we had all the answers. As a former career counselor, I used my failsafe system for making good decisions when looking for our dream retirement home, just as I had taught my clients for fifteen years. We did years of research, maread more »

Why You Need a Blow Dryer to Create Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If your hair looks flat and lifeless and dull and thin, it’s probably because you aren’t using a blow dryer to give yourself fuller, prettier hairstyles for thin hair. If you’ve got thinning hair, it’s time to meet your new favorite hair tread more »

Get a Good Cut to Create Hairstyles for Fine Hair

There’s an art to creating good-looking hairstyles for fine hair, and it all starts with the right haircut. If you haven’t got that, you’re going to have trouble getting the thicker, fuller look that you really want. read more »