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Lois Joy Johnson

Solutions for sparse eyelashes

Besides fine hair and eyebrows or unwanted growth elsewhere due to hormonal changes during menopause, thin eyelashes are another common hair issue among vibrant women.

How to deal with sparse lashes? My answer in one word: Latisse.

How to deal with sparse eyelashes

Latisse: Expensive, but it works

The once-a-day prescription treatment Latisse honestly works to make thin, skimpy, upper lashes long and lush. At around $120 a month, it is expensive, and you need to use it for four months to see maximum results. Latisse is the only medical regrowth product approved by the FDA, although there are generic versions that I wouldn't recommend.

If you discontinue use, your lashes eventually revert to their original state and you may experience a subtle darkening of the skin along the lash base.

Every woman I interviewed who uses Latisse loved the results, which are far more substantial than OTC lash-boosting products that make similar claims. Ask your dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or ophthalmologist if it's a good idea for you.

But what if $150 a month is beyond your budget?

Personally, I've decided the cost of Latisse is prohibitive, and frankly great black mascara paired with a thin line of black gel liner at the very base of the lashes can add enough eye drama. You want to intensify eye shape and restore firm definition in seconds. That's what really makes the difference in mature eyes!

Lois Joy Johnson is the author of the new Vibrant Nation beauty guide, Great Hair After 50: Hip hairstyles, best products for healthy hair, coloring secrets, whether (and how) to go gray, managing fine or frizzy hair, and solutions for thinning hair and hair loss


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