Snow Day Survival: 9 Ways to Weather the Storm
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Snow Day Survival: 9 Ways to Weather the Storm

Rachael - VN Editor

3 months ago

The two happiest words in the English language to kids aren't Merry Christmas. They aren't Happy Birthday. They aren't even Disney World. No. The best two words to kids are SNOW DAY! Granted, as adults we may not get the same giddy sense of freedom from a day off due to inclement weather as we did as kids. Being trapped indoors when there is so much to do in our busy lives may give us reasons to grumble. Rest assured, our top tips for surviving a snow day will have you cheering with the same childish enthusiasm as you used to as a kid.

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Get Cozy!

First thing's first. If you're gonna hole up for a winter storm, you MUST get comfy. Nothing in the world screams comfort more than an amazing, warm pair of cashmere socks. It's like a little piece of heaven on your feet. Next step: pajamas. Not any ordinary pair of pajamas, either. Something really warm and comforting--you're in this for the long haul. I'm talking about the kind of pajamas that wrap you up in a great big warm hug. Preferably something flannel - or something minky and soft and adorable too.  Still not warm enough? Let's add a soft, cushiony robe to settle in for a long winter's nap.

Have A Movie Marathon

It's not a snow day until you collapse into a heap on the sofa under a snuggly heated blanket. Cuddle up to that special someone and dive into your favorite movie. What better excuse is there to spend some downtime watching some classics like The Graduate (who doesn't love Dustin Hoffman?) or Casablanca? Hunker down and weather the storm with some of your favorites, or just catch up on your DVR. It sounds almost heavenly to me.

Give Yourself an At-Home Spa Day

I'm always looking for an excuse to give myself a little TLC. A snow day is the perfect reason to pamper your dry winter skin. The Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask is absolutely heavenly. Designed to intensively hydrate, lift, and firm, this amazing mask is velvety smooth and leaves your skin looking luminous and feeling incredibly soft and touchable. Complete your at-home spa day with a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture to winter-dry tresses. Then finish with a luxurious whipped body souffle made to firm, tighten, and hydrate. You will feel like a million bucks without shelling out spa prices. And when the weather clears, you will come out of your hole looking and feeling amazing and refreshed.

Head for the Hills

Or maybe just the gentle slope, depending on where you live. Pull on your snow boots and grab your toboggan, and gather up your kids or grandkids for a snow day you won't forget. Few things are as exhilarating as racing down a snowy hill and showing those kids you've still got it!

Warm Up With Winter Drinks

After a day of battling the slopes and lugging around a sled, warm up with a delectable peppermint mocha latte. Inspired by your favorite coffee shop but made right at home, nothing chases away the snow day chills like this decadent warming drink. Feeling adventurous? Add a finger of peppermint schnapps to give it an extra kick. Of course you also can't go wrong with traditional hot cocoa. Made in a pan on the stove with real chocolate and milk, and I'm up for a snow day ANY day.

Heat Things Up With a Steamy Book on your Snow Day

I rarely need an excuse to curl up with a good book. But if I really want to justify spending a whole day lost in a steamy story, a snow day is just the ticket! Snuggled down under a warm blanket with the fireplace going and a red hot romance is just about the perfect way to warm up on a cold, wintry day.

Update Your Winter Makeup Look

Just because you're stuck inside on a snow day doesn't mean you don't want to put your best face forward. It's a great time to experiment with some new winter looks. Soft, light, almost natural-looking makeup like Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream can give your skin a soft glow without looking overdone. Add some neutral colors and soft browns around your eyes for a youthful, natural appearance. When you finally dig yourself out after the storm passes, everybody will be asking what your secret is.

Break Out the Board Games

The best way to keep from getting stir-crazy is to keep busy--particularly if you are charged with entertaining kids or grandchildren during a snow day. A good, old-fashioned Monopoly marathon can make the hours whiz by. Or for a more mature group, try Cards Against Humanity. I promise you will laugh harder than you have in a long time.

When All Else Fails...Bake!

After a day or two cooped up inside, I need to work out my energy. And not by actually working out. I mean, I know some people do that. I, however, am not some people. No, I work out my energy by cooking. And by cooking, I usually mean baking. When the skies clear and the snow starts to melt, I may no longer fit into my fattest of fat sweats. But at least I'll have mountains of desserts to show for my snow day. And maybe I'll even share a few.

When it comes to weathering the storm, there are probably a million different productive things we can all be doing. But seriously, it's not all that often that we get to declare a snow day from our everyday lives. Take time on these rare occasions to just relax, cut loose, and enjoy the time you have with the people you love or to pamper yourself a little bit. It's so much more fun than cleaning out closets and organizing bathroom cabinets, that's for sure.

What is your favorite way of getting through a snow day? We'd love to hear what you do during these long, winter days!



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