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Simple hairstyles for thin hair

Teasing and other tricks are actually terrible when it comes to crafting hairstyles for thin hair. Try simple hairstyles that won’t harm your follicles or damage your hair instead.

Hairstyles for thinning hair

Women very commonly notice thinning hair problems as they begin to go through menopause. This is often a combination of aging and genetics. With time, the follicles that produce hair actually shrink. This creates finer shafts of hair that creates overall female hair thinning. Hair fall may also speed up during menopause, so you literally have less hair than you used to.

Poor nutrition, illness, stress and certain medications may also cause female hair thinning, though usually this thinning is of a temporary nature. Even if you aren’t experiencing hair thinning, the right hairstyles are important. You don’t want to pull at your scalp, because this can create trauma that results in scarring and permanent hair loss.

  • Overnight braids. Give your hair some pretty waves by braiding it before bedtime. Part hair down the middle to separate it into two sections, then braid each. Your part doesn’t have to be neat, and neither do the braids, because you’re only going to bed. Take care not to braid too tightly, and make sure your scalp isn’t getting pulled. Spray your braids with a little water, apply a little bit of lightweight mousse to each, and go to sleep. When you wake, unwind both braids and run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the waves.
  • Add body. Roll 2-inch sections of hair in soft rollers, about 3 inches in size. Before rolling up each section of hair, apply a little bit of mousse to help them hold the curl. Once hair is wrapped in curlers, go ahead and apply your makeup and get ready for the day. Hit your hair with a cool blast of air (heat can cause damage, so avoid it whenever possible) and unroll your hair. Run your fingers through it to soften up the curls. You should get a bit of bend and wave in your hair that makes it look full of body.
  • Volumized bun. Instead of wearing a scalp-clinging ballerina-style bun, try wearing a loose, volumized bun instead. Gather hair up, ponytail fashion, and hold it up above the crown of your head. Move down the length of hair, about halfway, then bring your fist down so it touches the crown of your head. Clip hair here, and twist the length while wrapping it around the clip. Secure the ends of hair with pins to create a loose bun. Use a little bit of mousse or spray to hold hair in place. The hair around your scalp will be loose and full, creating a volumizing effect.

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