Shout it from the rooftops: someone called me svelte!

It's been nearly four weeks at 1400 calories a day. I went to a dinner party the other night with some friends I hadn't seen for a month or so. One of them told me I was looking svelte, and she didn't even realize I was on a diet so it wasn't as if she was saying that just to make me feel good. So--something is working! The pounds are going somewhere else. I also noticed that my eyes look bigger. That can only mean that some of the padding I've had on my face is going elsewhere, too.

I'm so excited! I'm seeing progress. This was something I wasn't sure I could do.

At the risk of celebrating prematurely, however, I'm here to tell you I have a long way to go before I feel I am back to normal. I've just begun. But at least now I'm encouraged.


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