Transform Yourself with a Short Sexy Hairstyle
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Transform Yourself with a Short Sexy Hairstyle

Holly - VN Editor

3 months ago

A new hairstyle can really help you feel revitalized and refreshed and let's face it, sometimes we just a need a new do. For some, we just want a new look, for others, we want to hide those pesky “silver highlights”, and then some of us want to embrace the silver and white. Whatever your reason for a new do, we have found some of the cutest, sexiest styles for short hair.

One thing to keep in mind when considering a new hairstyle is your face shape. Not all haircuts look the same on everyone. No matter how cute Jane’s new layered bob cut is on her, it doesn’t mean it is the right style for you.

When in doubt, consult your stylist. Let her know what you are trying to accomplish with your hair. If you want a style with less fuss, or thinning hair that you want to look fuller and bouncier or want to look younger by accentuating that jawline or cheekbones, your stylist knows you and knows your hair and will be able to suggest what will work best for you. Take a look at these sexy short styles and see if one of these new ‘do’s will work for you.

The Classic Pixie Cut.

This cut is short in the back and on the sides and longer on top. The pixie cut generally looks best for oval, square and those of us with a heart shaped face. It helps to accentuate the eyes while bringing attention away from the jawline.


The Bob Cut.

Typically this cut will be longer in the front, about chin length or just below the jaw line, with the underneath a little shorter to give it that bounce and fullness.  There are many variations to the bob cut. Since there are so many variations, depending on the style of bob you choose, this could be the perfect hairstyle for anyone. Try a stacked bob that layers in the back and longer in the front. An asymmetrical bob where one side in the front is longer than the other side. Or the classic bob style that is shorter on the underneath layers to make it curl under and faced framed with or without bangs.

You may find that you have a few more styling options with the bob style cut too.

Curly And Short

You can combine many different hairstyles when you are blessed with naturally curly hair. And even with those curly locks, you can pull off some of the styles above. But we wanted to showcase some sexy styles for those of you who have curls for days.

Give one of these sexy short hairstyles a try. We'd love to see the transformation so send us the before and after pics. Let us know what your favorite style is.



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