“She was There!”

 I'm  raising funds for a great project on Kickstarter!
 Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, etc.. It's a new way to fund ideas and endeavors. And I was invited to submit a project.
 My project title is "In Honor of Women Soldiers in America Throughout our History".

 A little about this project:
 Very few paintings honor women who served. Yet during every conflict, and the peaceful years, they were there too. Help me to honor these women.
 I want to create a painting that will honor and depict brave women who have served our country and helped to ensure and protect our freedom throughout our history, from the revolutionary war to the present. My hope is that this work will recall the bravery and pride shown by all those amazing women who choose to give of themselves to us and our country. Upon completion of the painting, I would frame it and then give it as a gift to the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home, where it will be displayed to the veterans, their families and friends, visitors and staff.

 I have a total of 90 days to reach my funding goal.  Pledges are only collected if the full amount is funded. Click on the link to read more about my project and about kickstarter and hopefully to pledge.

 Also please share this will your friends and contacts.  Together we can get this worthwhile project accomplished.


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