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gail maria

Riding over the age of 50

Dear Marnie: I beg to differ on your article re: riding over the age of 50! I have been riding/showing for over 30 years as well as having taught adults and children to learn to ride. I love horses, please don't get me wrong, but it is more than "inexpensive" and it can be dangerous the older you get as falls are not absorbed by the body as easily as when you're young; too say nothing of the psychological toll they take.  Unless you seek out absolutely expert instruction and people who can put you on "bomb proof" horses it can be quite dangerous.  The longer you ride the more RESPECT you have for the size and nature of a horse.  My friends and I who have been showing/riding for years get increasingly respectful and careful around our horses.  The connection with the horse of course is wonderful, but even on the ground you must learn how to work around a horse.  Beginners are naive in their exuberance!   There is so much to learn....slowly and CORRECTLY, and with money to burn.  Sorry to burst your enthusistic bubble but we long time riders have hit the ground too many times to be so naive about the sport we love! gmf


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