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Returning to College in your late 50’s

Anyone out there who has returned to college in their 50's to satisfy a job requirement? I'm a RN...no BSN. Most places these days require a BSN. Most of my nursing career has been more in the administrative field in nsg homes or overseeing medicaid based direct care staff. I have done some staff nsg. but it's been a long time ago. I like the administrative part.........case mgmt, those types of jobs. Unfortunately I have 2 strikes against me ... no BSN & acute care experience. I do have a BS in Mgmt. Talking w/a college recruiter I was advised to skip the BSN and go for the Masters since I already have a BS in Mgmt. Is anyone else in this predicament or have gone thru this that can offer advice. I'm thinking or either a MBA in Healthcare Mgmt. or MS in Integrated Healthcare. But.......on the other hand, I'm not sure of anything! Is this right for me? At my age (57) do I really want to do this? Will I be able to get a job? I'm not employed now because the last job I had for 3 mths - Integrated Care Mgr. - I somehow slipped through the requirements of the BSN although it was not posted as a requirement on the job description/requirement. Now has that requirement. So I have had a couple of interviews, but with those 2 strikes no one is hiring me. I just need some input from others.....please!


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