Most people start their resolutions for a new year on the actual start of the new year. I think there may be a better way to make things stick; resolve to be a better human being twenty-five days into the new year.

It took me a few weeks, but today I finally started my quest to be a better person, or at least, a healthier person. And if I manage to drop a few pounds in the process, even better!

I have a new plan for a stronger, better Tamara!

I used to try and squeeze in exercise after work, but taking a nap, grocery shopping, or other family-related obligations always seemed to get in the way of my good intentions. I have to be at work by six a.m. and after studying my list of excuses, it finally dawned on me that in order to get fit, I'd have to start exercising before work.

I quit my old gym which opens at 5:30a.m. and joined a 24-hour facility up the street.

Last night, I packed my gym bag with my work clothes, went to bed in my workout clothes, and when the alarm went off at 3a.m., I was out the door and in the car within four minutes!

Less than two hours later, I'd finished my cardio and strength training, taken a shower and dressed, stopped for coffee and made it to work early enough to goof around on the computer and read the newspaper from front to back. Yes, I know...who actually reads a newspaper anymore?

I think my family is taking bets as to how long I'll be able to maintain this new ultra-early health campaign. But I plan on being twenty pounds lighter by June 1st and I will make them eat those wagers!

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