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Carol Orsborn

Reinventing work at 50+

One of the lively ongoing conversations on the VibrantNation.com website centers around a simple question. Should the 50+ woman lie about her age on her resume? The underlying premise, that the length and depth of her experience have become a liability, is not even questioned, as women consider the pros and cons of listing dates next to their degrees.

This, and many other issues related to making the transition to a new, more meaningful means of livelihood in the present economy, will be addressed during a free two-day telesummit hosted by Lin Schriber of RevolutionizeRetirement.com, one of our neighbors in cyberspace, on April 24 and 25. Yours truly has the 5 p.m. EST spot on April 24 at the Encore Career TeleSummit for Women 50+, sharing the virtual streaming audio podium with 11 other experts over the two days. To register: click here.

While the mood of the telesummit is definitively upbeat, count me amongst the majority of Vibrant Women who can not help but note the irony that triage conferences like these are burgeoning at the exact moment so many of us had anticipated reaping the rewards at the peak of our careers. Instead, we are having to dig deeper, more creatively and courageously than ever before to figure out how we can fulfill what we've always believed was our destiny: to make a difference through our work — and be paid for it.

From the earliest days of women's liberation, we've had to believe in ourselves when others didn't. Now, many of us — as captured by the conversations taking place on our site — are somewhere on the scale of mortified to outright mad at finding ourselves having once again buck old, worn-out stereotypes. In the words of Watermusic on this lack of validation at work: "It's a little like being Michael Jordan on a losing basketball team and the coach won't put me in the game."

Fighting the battle of ageism in the traditional workplace may be one revolution too many, even for the most vibrant of woman. Instead, many Vibrant Women are now actively seeking and pursuing alternatives that will help us regain control over our lives. And we are increasingly willing to dig deep into our own resources — intellectual, spiritual and financial — to fund the transition to what's next.

Resourceful, opportunistic, creative, we are making the transition from traditional careers to reinvented livelihoods with the same level of drive and enthusiasm that has been the earmark of our generation since the beginning. It's just a little disappointing that we have to.

The upcoming TeleSummit is designed specifically for women who want to (or have to) work in retirement, but want more meaning, money, and authenticity in their lives. The event is free to all participants, and the recordings of each interview will be available for participant listening for 24 hours. After that, conference recordings and transcripts can be accessed for a $97 fee at your leisure. Other featured experts include Betsy Werley, Executive Director of The Transition Network; Deborah Russell, Director of Workforce Issues at AARP and Richard Leider, Founder and Chairman of The Inventure Group, a coaching and consulting practice working with leaders from organizations such as Ameriprise, Caterpillar, Habitat for Humanity, MetLife, and Pfizer.


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