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Purple highlights and grey hair color

The term blue-hair is often used as a derogatory remark, but purple is starting to become a trendy, fashionable companion to grey hair color. A few purple highlights can look great with natural grey hair coloring.

Purple and grey

No, this is not a Dame Edna look. Dame Edna’s old-fashioned hairstyle and over-the-top purple hair is nothing to emulate; but Dame Edna was actually a male comedian, so she’s no icon for fashion sense. A few tastefully-applied purple highlights in pale shades can create colorful, interesting contrast against natural steel and white grey hair color tones. You're no going for an Easter egg effect, so no worries.

The look is fresh and trendy, and it can only be worn with certain hairstyles. If you have long grey hair, add a soft pastel purple in chunky highlights. Add a more lavender shade to shorter grey hair color styles. If you’re feeling bold, consider tinting short grey hair purple all over. Otherwise, add a few skinny highlights around your face to see how you like the look. The light tinted glaze allows some of the natural grey to show through, adding just a hint of color to the silvery tones.

Light purple grey hair dye does not last long, because the color is so pale. It will rinse out after a few washings, so if you absolutely hate your purple/grey hair color look, you won’t have to live with it long. If you want to keep the look, refresh the tint once a week.

Purple hair shampoo

You’ve got to use hair dye or tint to achieve pretty purple highlights. Don’t run right out and grab a bottle of purple shampoo. Made as shampoo for grey hair, most purple shampoo formulas are designed to strip unwanted tinting away from natural grey locks. The purple shampoo somehow absorbs the green and yellow discoloration that occurs due to cigarette smoke and other atmospheric conditions; it’s designed not to leave any tinting behind whatsoever.

Grey hair color

Some women hate the thought of wearing grey hair color, and it’s easy to use grey hair dye to cover the problem. Other women embrace the color. What’s the difference? A great style. Grey hair color is just like every other color of hair: it has to have the right style to show properly. You also many shy away from grey hair color because it washes out your face, or your wardrobe clashes. Wear colors in your makeup and clothing that complement the grey, and you just may find that you actually love the look.

Learn more about managing your grey hair color in our free special report, Grey hair after 50: 7 keys to styling, coloring, and caring for grey hair whether you choose to cover or embrace it.


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