19 Ways to Celebrate Your 60th Birthday Most Liked

How will you celebrate your 60th birthday?

Turning 60 is a milestone worth marking, an excuse a cause for celebrating.

How best to celebrate such an event is personal and unique to each of us. However, I’ve got some tips and ideas to help you create your own fabulous occasion.

4 Tips for a Birthday You’ll Love

Tip #1) It’s your birthday so do what will most please you!

Tip #2) This is not the time to wait for someone else to figure it out or to hope or hint.

Tip #3) Get clear about how you want to celebrate your birthday. What lights you up and makes you smile just thinking about it? What calls to your heart? What do you really, really want to do for this special occasion?

Tip #4) Do what it takes to make that happen. This may mean telling people what you decidedly do not want. This may mean asking others for what you do want. It may mean planning or throwing or hosting the occasion yourself. Whatever it takes, do it!

19 Ways to Celebrate

To get your creative juices going, here are some ways other women have celebrated their 60th birthdays. (Special thanks to the sassy, wise, and creative women at Savoring Your Sixties’ page on Facebook for many of these great suggestions and for inspiring me to write this post.)

How about doing your own version of one of these?

1) Rent a mustang convertible, pop in 60′s music, and head to the beach and hamburger stand to hang out.

2) Getaway with girlfriends for a day, a weekend or a week. You could go antiquing, to the beach, the big city, wine country, or someplace exotic depending on what suits your interests and budget.

3) Gather with your family. A day at your place? Rent a house somewhere fun for a week? Take a vacation together?

4) Invite your friends, new and old, to a luncheon. Ask each person to express in their own way (poetry, singing, prose, artwork, stories, etc) the positive aspects of reaching this age.

5) Throw yourself a birthday party. Make it whatever kind of party you’ll most enjoy.

6) Do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t.

7) Have a grown-up girls’ slumber party at someone’s home or a hotel. Lavish yourselves with food, drinks, laughter, and conversation.

8) Do a girlfriends’ spa day with pedicures, manicures, massages, and other pampering treatments.

9) Go on retreat. Give yourself time to connect with yourself.

10) Throw yourself a weekend-long birthday party with your dearest friends, some of whom haven’t yet met but have heard about each other for years.

11) Gather with high school friends and celebrate your 60th birthdays together.

12) Get a fresh new look. Any or all of these could do it: a new haircut or hair color, a trip to a make-up artist, an appointment with an image consultant, or a visit with a free personal shopper for new clothes.

13) Have cake with friends and throw water balloons.

14) Host a Saturday potluck with close friends, 60′s music, and conversation.

15) Take a trip by yourself or with others to someplace you most want to go.

16) Challenge yourself physically. Run a 10K. Learn to dance. Take a new kind of exercise class. Hike longer or more vigorously than you’re used to.

17) Do something you’ve never done before.

18) Host an “opening the door to a new decade” catered dinner at your home.

19) Throw a 60′s dance party.

However you choose to celebrate your 60th birthday, I hope you have a special and memorable experience. Happy Birthday!

What other ideas do you have for celebrating 60?

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4 Responses

  1. helenw helenw says

    My 60th is happening next month.  I had thought of spending a few days in my home city of Sydney with my husband, but then there was no live theatre show on that I wanted to see as part of the experience.  So instead, He and me will spend a few days at our beach house in the Coromandel instead.  And Hubby can cook me meals, and we can enjoy beach walks, and I can read….

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  2. Generic Image RedWard says

    So glad I saw this today because this is my BIG 6-0!!!   I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to do it. 

    When I celebrated my 50th, we had such a great time until my friends asked me when will we stop celebrating it . . . it wore us all out. :)
    I went out to lunch the week of my birthday every day; had a big luncheon on Saturday in a mtg room at a nice restaurant and a party at a hotel ballroom with a DJ and all on Saturday nite.  Spent the nite at the hotel and closed it out with a farewell birthday breakfast Sunday at noon.  A great time was had by all and we did it up.  For the Big 6-0 we must top all that!!!!!!

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  3. Generic Image brendas8 says

    For me,i am doing it up too,as in a couple weeks i turn 65!
    I am proud of my age,not ashamed,i dont hide from it,i accept it!
    This is a very important time for me,and i want to do something out of the ordinary just for me…..
    Thinking about a day spa,or a road trip,or a vacation just with myself to a quiet place at a lodge,love the beach too,still thinking………

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  4. Bonnie McFarland Bonnie McFarland says

    HelenW, RedWard, & Brendas8, sorry to be so slow to respond. For some unknown reason I didn’t get a notice that there had been replies here.

    Sounds like you each have ideas for your milestone b’days. Hope you do something that completely lights you up. Keep us posted on your celebration plans.

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