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For many women (most?), aging skin is a heart breaker.  We make upbeat remarks about our laugh lines and the happy moments they represent, but all in all, seeing your skin crinkle and spot up can cause some real frowning.

But what’s almost as bad, or worse, is FEELING your skin change.  Menopause does nasty things to the skin’s moisture. Dry skin, especially when I come out of a hot shower, can turn me into a grump faster than you can say, “Sahara Desert.”

What’s tricky is figuring out what works to fix the dryness.

I have a confession:  I’m a Noxzema addict.  My daughter are mortified.  They have read the label on the blue plastic  jar and know the product is marketed as a face wash.  But it works for me, and has for my family for several generations.

One woman’s favorite product could be another woman’s cash in the trash. A balm for some skin types can feel like wind burn to others.  I’ve had bad luck with more elegant brands, so  I keep blobbing on the Noxzema.  What my daughters and most skin care experts trash, I treasure.  I thank my menopausal stars I have a husband who doesn’t complain about its unusual smell  (L’eau of Cedar Chips, perhaps?)

What about you?  What’s your favorite beauty product?  Let’s start a list!  That product you treasure may be the perfect solution for another reader too.


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  1. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    Other people’s trash that is my treasure:  Petroleum jelly.  Seriously, nothing takes off eye makeup near as well for me (I’m a shadow, liner, mascarer wearer….the whole works).  And my feet are often dry because I walk around barefooted around the house on carpet and outside around the pool.  Slathering on VBJ after a shower, then putting on heavy socks is my #1 way to soften the rough skin on my feet.  It works.

    And the extra on my hands gets rubbed into them as well as my elbows.

    So sue me. 

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    • Generic Image Kathryn Kondrad says

      Have u ever tried Abolene for eye makeup removal, Dallas Lady? It contains petrolatum but I find it to be a nicer formulation than VPJ. Have used it since high school and it’s so soothing on delicate skin around the eyes, plus it takes off everything. I wear full eye makeup too.

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous says

    Me too!  I use Vaseline Petroleum jelly!  I apply it to my feet every night before going to bed with socks and I have the softest feet.  Slather it on my hands, and arms and legs and chest.  It really softens dry rough skin!  On my face, after trying many face creams, I use Retin A to help decrease lines and wrinkles, age spots, and boost collagen.  I order my Retin A from an over seas pharmacy and would not go without it.  It works better than any other pricey face cream I have tried.  So that’s my two products I can not live without.

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  3. Barbara Younger Barbara Younger says

    I know others who have good luck with petroleum jelly.  We have some in the cabinet. I’ll give it a try!

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  4. Patti Winker Patti Winker says

    The Noxzema really makes me laugh, Barb!  You just never know what’s going to work.  My Mom swore by Crisco.
    Okay, I am hooked on Dermalogica for my face.  I know, it’s expensive, but it is my one luxury.  And I like using ‘natural, nourishing’ ingredients and all that stuff.
    So, the funny thing is, last year when I was battling some sort of irritation on my lips (sore, chapped, peeling) I was using all kinds of super healthy emollient lip balms and nothing worked.  So I went to my dermatologist and guess what she recommended.  Yup.  Petroleum jelly.  I’m thinking “I’m not putting petroleum oil on my skin, and especially not around my mouth. Yuk?”  But then I had tried everything else, so… I gave it a try.
    In 3 days my lips were healed.
    You just never know.  :D
    Thanks for the fun topic, Barbara.

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  5. Generic Image goldfish says

    Oil of Olay moisturizer.  I have had dry skin since I was in my 20′s. Now that I am in my 60′s…..Oy!  I have always used some type of Oil of Olay moisturizer.  I am now using the Age Defying creams, and like them alot.  Oh, and Chap Stick under lipstick.  Really helps with dry lips.

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  6. Generic Image Jaycee says

    Raw coconut oil.  I use it for everything–cleansing, to add to my Renovage for a night cream, moisturizing, soothing.  Just everything.  And my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm.  But, coconut oil is the main reason I’m hooked on RMSBeauty makeup.

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  7. Debi Drecksler Debi Drecksler says

    Organic coconut oil. I was introduced to it by a VN sister a while back. It makes my skin SO smooth and it is great for my thick, curly hair! It has a hundred uses (just look it up online) and it costs so little.

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  8. Sheila Stone Sheila Stone says

    Cetaphil cleanser.  A dermatologist recommended it to me years ago and I’ve used it ever since.  It’s inexpensive (I even use the generic version when I can get it), simple, and totally gentle.
    I’ve been asked many times what my ‘secret’ is to having good skin.  That’s it.  =]

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  9. StyleCoach StyleCoach says

    My Tight, Firm and Fill Cream! It has hyaluronic spheres in it so it “plumps” up (pulls moisture) into those pesky skin cells that are slowly shriveling up!  It’s a temporary ‘filler’ and a whole lot cheaper and less painful that a face lift!

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  10. Generic Image pam says

    Oil of Olay moisturizer. I started using it about 40 years ago when I was 12, because my Mother used it. I have never used anything else and if I have tried to it did not feel the same or my face reacted unfavorably. At 53, my skin and neck are quite firm and wrinkle free still. LOVE it!

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  11. 4fabfelines 4fabfelines says

    i have used Noxema since i was around 10. My mom swore by it and I also used her Luzier products but you can’t get them any more. I use Loreals gold balm for night time. I really like it. 
    Reminded me of the rich lotion my mom used by Luzier.  Noxema rocks for face cleaning and i love the smell. i also use bio oil… it removes makeup great. My grandmama swore by Ponds.

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    • Barbara Younger Barbara Younger says

      My brother’s wife won’t let him use it. Luckily I have a calmer husband (or his nose is not so good).  Noxema does have a certain smell. Reminds me mostly of my dad. I wore a bit of his to his funeral.  Not as sad as it sounds–a sweet moment thinking of that jar on his dresser and how he loved it.

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  12. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    How funny….i only very recently (within last week) read the coconut oil articles on the web.  (100 uses, 80 uses etc.) so i bouht some and ordered some from amazon.  (Im a stockpiler.)

    Have started trying some of the uses.  I tried using it as an eye moisturizer, but is is so slippery it goes into my eyes and blurs my vision.  I do like it as a general moisturizer on my legs, arms, etc.  The smell is nutty….not wonderful, not horrible, but it doesnt stick around long.

    I laughed out loud over the ‘use it as a personal lubricant”.  Candidly I think I should try that.  Only Mr DL and I are sleeping separately due to household remodeling that is totally maing my whole family crazy.  But looking foward to seeing what coconut oil as a personal lubricant is all about, haha

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  13. Generic Image Angel says

    I used Noxzema from the time I was old enough to wash my own face, all through school and into adulthood. Then I decided it wasn’t ‘sophisticated’ enough and went with higher priced, higher end products. About 5 years ago, I went back to my old faithful, Noxzema, and I’m staying. Wish I’d never left. It’s inexpensive and does everything those other did. My Grandmother and my Mother have both used it and my mother still does. Noxzema is wonderful. I have combination skin and Noxzema doesn’t leave my face too oily or too dry.

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  14. Generic Image Angel says

    I used Noxzema from the time I was old enough to wash my own face, all through school and into adulthood. Then I decided it wasn’t ‘sophisticated’ enough and went with higher priced, higher end products. About 5 years ago, I went back to my old faithful, Noxzema, and I’m staying. Wish I’d never left. It’s inexpensive and does everything those others did. My Grandfather, my Grandmother and my Mother have both used it and my mother still does. Noxzema is wonderful. I have combination skin and Noxzema doesn’t leave my face too oily or too dry. I am 65. My grandparents both had skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom up to the time they died. My grandfather was 87 and my grandmother was 99. They never used anything but Noxzema.

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  15. Patti Winker Patti Winker says

    Hi again.  I have to laugh.  My friend Gina Mcnew just wrote a blog post about the myriad of skincare and beauty products women use compared to men.  And how it gets crazy as we get older.  I laughed my butt off!  I thought you ladies would enjoy reading it, too.  Here’s the link.  Have fun! 

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  16. Generic Image kanmko says

    i use a combo of shea butter and aloe vera moisturizer. Works great. I use shea butter on my lips, around my eyes and nose (dry areas), My father swears by vasoline.

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  17. Patti Winker Patti Winker says

    I almost forgot!  My esthetician who has me hooked on Dermalogica ALSO recommends, of all things, Witch Hazel.  You know, the astringent/toner stuff?  Yup.  Plain old Witch Hazel.  She says it does a great job toning and soothing the skin, taking away redness and conditioning the skin.  It’s an antiseptic too so it’s perfect to use on zits to dry them up.
    Yes, she could recommend all sorts of expensive stuff, but what for when this stuff works?  Then I can save the money I would have spent on expensive toner and buy something else, like more eye cream or firming booster or other magic potions.  :D

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  18. Unique One Unique One says

    So. would someone please divulge the website for Retin A. I used it years ago through a prescription. It makes your face peel in the beginning. But, that’s just all the dead cells coming off. After that, it’s great. Just have to be careful of how much you use. Now, my doctor has retired and it’s terribly expensive. Would love to get some again. Please post the website.

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  19. Anonymous Anonymous says

    AllDayChemist is an overseas pharmacy that supplies Retin A.

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  20. StyleCoach StyleCoach says

    I use a product by BeautiControl that has rentinol. As far as I know you can only purchase pharmaceutical grade RetinA through a Doctor. You can although get the same results through consistent use through many products that have rentinol in it. The product I use is called Overnight Regeneration.

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  21. Unique One Unique One says

    Checked on all day chemist. Problem is…you need a prescription. There are other sites where you don’t need one. Just put in Retin A without a prescription and you can buy from them.

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    • Anonymous Anonymous says

      I just spoke with a All Day Chemist representative and he states you do not need a prescription for Retin A.  All Day Chemist is less expensive than the Canadian Pharmacy and they provide the same product.  Generic works as well as Brand.  There is no need to spend as much as Brand costs, becuase the generic has the same ingredients.
      To start out one should start at the lowest dosage and buid up the dosage over time when your skin gets acclamated to the drug.  Remember, Retin A is a drug, not a cosmetic.

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  22. Anonymous Anonymous says

    Style coach, there are many online overseas pharmacies that sell phamaceutical Retin A without a prescription.  I purchased the authentic medication on line 4 months ago.  I bought enough to last at least 6 months.  I forgot the website, unfortunately, but will just enter in the browser “RetinA Pharmacies” and shop around until I find the right price and a pharmacy that does not require a prescription.  I use my Retin A religiously and have seen far better results with exfoliation, evening of skin tone, getting rid of dark spots, rducing wrinkles and increasing collagen production.  I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but have tried many OTC retinol products and I mean many including very pricedy Renova and the Retin A works best.  I will never stop using it and I am 58.

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  23. Unique One Unique One says

    I’m 65 and spent the last two years in the Arizona sun. I enjoyed the weather but it has done a job on my face. Does anyone know what strength I should use? I’m ready to be kinder to my skin and hope it helps.

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    • StyleCoach StyleCoach says

      its best to start with base level skin analysis. If you don’t use a regular daily routine, I would start there first. This is to make sure you know what is happening and what is working. I always recomment starting with this for at least 2-3 weeks. You’d be surprised at what your skin will do. BEFORE you begin to add ‘repair’ products. This is because your skin of course has 3 layers. I call them the “cornflakes” (surface), “raisins” (damaged skin), and “grapes” (new skin cells). Your job is to remove those cornflakes first by your daily care. Then repair those raisins with your regeneration (RetinA based-nighttime products) so those nice grapes can come up to the surface. I help my clients figure out the best way to go about this and it is easy once you know what to use and when….I’m happy to ‘chat’ with you if you’d like

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