Sweaters and boobs

Now that sweater weather is upon most of us, I will personally begin the age old ritual of sweater breast placement. Centuries ago the bra de jour set the breasts of that era on top of platforms that started at the waist. How dreadfully uncomfortable that must have been. But I may need that. With every year that passes, keeping my breasts from converging with my waistline becomes more of a challenge—the gravity effect seems to be winning. There is nothing like a sweater to make obvious the need for a new/different bra.

Part of the problem is the age of the bra—I tend to hang on to the old comfortable, broken-in ones way to long. And Jean is even worse. Part of my issue may be fit, or lack there of. Jean’s research produced information that said that to have a bra that fit properly is not just a fashion or comfort issue, but a health issue as well. She informed me that over 80% of American women wear the wrong size bra. If a bra is too tight is can restrict the natural flow of fluids to the lymph nodes, mammary ducts, and blood vessels.

Jean immediately sought out a well respected bra fitter to evaluate her mammary containment issues and suggest a more appropriate and healthy daily dwelling. When she pulled the huge, soccer ball carrier sized bra out of the bag to show me what her endeavors had produced, I burst into hysterics. Huge doesn’t even begin to describe the size of this apparatus. We could not stop laughing. It was an F.

In a book titled Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras by Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, the authors maintain that wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day significantly increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The more hours per day a woman wears a bra, the more she compromises the natural function of her lymphatic system. Furthermore they claim that the red marks left by wearing a bra indicate that the breast tissue is inflamed and that the bra is causing tissue insult.

Many critics argue that their findings are not scientific enough and therefore not valid. The debate continues. But if good old common sense plays any role in how we think anymore I would tend to agree that it is not a bad theory, even if theory is exactly what it is.

So I will just keep making those bra straps shorter with each wearing in hopes that the massive weight of my downwardly traveling breasts will not win out during the 12 hours that I am suppose to be wearing any bra at all–especially one that is too tight.

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  1. Generic Image LucyBHoffman says

    I laughed out loud, and immediately pushed my boobs together.  How the heck do we know if a bra is the right size?  I had the proverbial increase done years ago, and now I find that small breasted women are so attractive in their clothes.  

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  2. Laura P Laura P says

    LOL My godmother gave me this “pearl of wisdom” while we were shopping for my first bra… smiles.  At fourteen, I did not understand or need (training bra) tips. Fast forward a short 41 yeas later and thank you godmother!

    “The Gravity Trick”

    1. Place your bra on like a belt snaps in front just below the rib cage and snap.
    2. Turn cups to the front bend at the waist
    3. Stay in that position while pulling cups over your breasts & straps over your shoulders.
    4. Stand up, smiles every thing should be in place

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    • Dr. Sheila Dr. Sheila says

      Yep…that was the way I was taught too.  I  just thought this is the way everyone did it. ;-)

      This article made me think though, I saw an ad recently for this tape you put under your nipple and then cover upward and tape again…”the girls” are upright and covered and no bra or straps needed.  I haven’t tried it because I believe if it sounds too good to be true it is, but just curious if others have tried it?

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  3. Generic Image web Susie says

    That is one reason that I don’t wear a bra at home -as soon as I get home , I undress and wear either no bra or a sports bra at the most . 

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  4. MrsB MrsB says

    Bras are terribly uncomfortable and the wire types are horrendous! I have switched to cami tops that are sturdy enough to the hold the girls, comfortably. It was one of the best clothing alternatives I have found over the years.

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    • Generic Image JOY says

      Yes, cami tops also have the added  benefit of smoothing out the back bulges usually seen below the bra line and they also smooth down over the tummy to tuck in. A much cleaner look and I think sexier. They are comfortable enough to sleep in, more like a supportive but old t-shirt. If half undressed (whatever the occasion) you will feel sexy but a bit more covered.

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