Which is better, East or West Coast of Florida?

Just wondered what the differences are between the East and West Coast of Florida are. I’ve been to the west coast and of course Disney, but have never been to the East Coast. Would like to hear about what it is like to live there.

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  1. Olga Olga says

    I have lived on both and prefer the west (gulf) coast. The biggest difference is that rarely does a hurricane hit straight on, especially in the central gulf coast (Tampa Bay). The gulf is calmer than the ocean, big for fishing and sailing, and grand kids going to the beach.

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    • Generic Image cathie says

      I have travelled to both, I love the sunrise on the East side. There is nothing more exciting, calming, what a glorious way to start a morning than to rise at 5 and walk the beach. Being able to get your toes into the sand, feel the cool water rush up onto your feet and splash against your legs. You hear the sizzling sound of the waves as they tumble far out into the ocean, but the calming peaceful sound of those same waves reaching the shore. It is truly awesome to have experienced this. Now on the other side, in the Gulf. This is truly a beauty as well. The seashells are difference, the water is different. The colour is greener, the bottom of the gulf is clean, the swim is like walking into a bathtub.  It is HOT.  You really have to experience both in order to be able to appreciate the differences and choose which one you like. If only I could mix both.  lol  But truly, I think it is just a matter of continuing to visit different areas along each side to see where the perfect spot lies, which will incorporate both. Oh and one last thing, I love to fly my kite – havent done this on the Gulf side yet, but have on the Atlantic side. I am off to the Gulf in March for 2.5 weeks this time and I WILL bring my kite. Cathie

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  2. Generic Image dmyster says

    i lived in fl for 5 years.  i find that east coast beaches of fl are for the younger crowd and strictly for partying. i found that the beaches on the west coast of fl (st pete, tampa, brandenton, naples, ft myers, etc) are for serene relaxation and  the more established crowd.  i really love going there and relaxing and taking in the sunsets and peace

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  3. Generic Image becland says

    West coast is mre beatiful. Sand is whiter. East coast sand looks much browner. WE go to Anna Marie Island. Near Sarasota. A very beautiful place.

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    • jforth jforth says

      We also love that area; we stay in Turtle Beach which is right next to Siesta Key.  So beautiful and relaxing!  We, too are not far from Sarasota; where is Anna Marie Island?

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  4. Lynnette Lynnette says

    It depends on what you are looking for.  I lived in Tampa for one year and found it a bit too quiet for me.  Maybe Clearwater would be more my style.  Now i live in South Florida/east coast and find it too noisy.  The perfect place would be The Keys but the beaches are awful.  I am still searching.

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  5. Generic Image vibrantz says

    We love the west coast. Sanibel is heaven on earth. Beautiful beaches with shells to collect, very nice people, good restaurants and a calmnes about that is not on the east coast.

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