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From RamblinRedhead

  1. My impression (formed over a lifetime) is that most of the happiest people I know are outwardly focused – thinking about other people, not themselves all the time.
  2. The happiest people I know try to do the right thing – even when it is not easy, even when it involves pain and sacrifice.
  3. The happiest people I know understand that though they are not perfect, they are trying as hard as they can, and doing the best they can.  Sometimes, when there aren’t easy answers or always happy endings, they learn to be content with what they can achieve.
  4. The happiest people I’ve known don’t seem to treat happiness as a destination they’ll arrive at – or stay at.  They see it more as a means of travel, of what they will do and see along the way.

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  1. Generic Image Jan Hamrick says

    Avoid comparing yourself to others.
    Make it a moral imperative to “act happy” around others.  This can eventually become second nature and helps you to feel happy.

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  2. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    (for men, mostly) GIVE UP the notion one ALWAYS has to be RIGHT.  There is little else that is more annoying and destructive than that trait.  Whoever said “would you rather be right or happy” nailed it.  This is especially a note to MEN.

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  3. Generic Image anonymous says

    Love your post RambelinRedhead along with both responses above.

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  4. Generic Image julia Pavlicek says

    I’m very happy most of the time. I do what I want to do even if I have to do it by myself. I enjoy my own company and I’m happy in my own skin. I spend just enough time with other people I love to really appreciate my time alone. I’m very happy.

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