How did you celebrate your “50th” birthday? Hot Conversation

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  1. Ms_Phil Ms_Phil says

    I turned 50 this past Jan. 4th and of course, in WI that means snowstorm … or on this day, a blizzard. I have been threatening for years to change the celebration of my birthday to one in a summer month .. LOL .. should have got that in place for my 50th. That’s okay though, my Gregory’s 50th was in late Sept this year. I threw him the biggest surprise party!  He had no clue whatsoever. I had so much fun with all the planning and prep, as well as with the actual party that I think it all kind of made up for the lackluster day my birthday turned out to be.

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    • bubbles50 bubbles50 says

      I will turn 50 next month…three days after Christmas.  I know what you mean about having a winter birthday.  I also have threatened to change my birthday to maybe June 28 when more things are happening and the weather is nice.  My husbands birthday is the day after mine…what are the odds…lol…we will probably just go out to dinner and then go home and play some Zahtzee. 


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  2. Generic Image Sensational_50+ says

    My 50th birthday came and went like any other birthday, I was too busy and involved to worry about getting older. Besides I never felt that age, I had too much to live for. At 65 I’m still feeling too young for my chronological age.

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  3. Generic Image Summerland1217 says

    Hi, I will be 51 this year but last year I went to dinner with my grown children and had cake and presents. It was wonderful, them taking the time to be with me, not working and just enjoying the day and the beautiful cards they get me and write in them, that’s the best. I felt loved. Summerland1217

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  4. bubbles50 bubbles50 says

    Thank you to all who responded.  It has been fun reading what everyone did or experienced during there 50th.  I am not sure how I will celebrate mine or if I will…my hubbie says that we will do something…just not sure what that will be. :)

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  5. lisa shore lisa shore says

    I wanted to do something special, something WOW, something that would touch my heart forever. When my guy (boyfriend sounded silly at my age) Jack suggested that we go to Vegas to see Elton John, I thought… well, close enough. A week before we left, we were talking to some friends and they told us about a helicopter trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! My eyes welled up as I imagined how it would feel to commune with Mother Nature down there and I thought there could be nothing better for a WOW factor. I pleaded with Jack to forget about Elton John – I didn’t even need to go out for the nice dinner he had planned. I just wanted to sail over the lip of the Grand Canyon and be engulfed by the ancient tiers of time. He was vague and said it really was too expensive blah blah blah… So I dropped it.

    The night we arrived in Vegas was truly spectacular as I had never been there before. It was so much nicer than I had imagined. The Paris was beautiful and Elton definitely didn’t disappoint. The next morning we got up early and headed out early. I didn’t know why we had to go out the alley entrance of the beautiful hotel. I was in the middle of saying something about missing the flowers when I saw the van with a helicopter on the side.

    I cried all the way to the airport, as we climbed in the front of the helicopter (I was beside the pilot!) and as we lifted off to the tune of “Tiny Dancer”. The magesty took my breath (and tears – happy tears by the way) away as we floated over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the edge of the canyon. We settled down at a picnic spot and the pilot pulled out champagne. I needed to step away from everyone and have some time to soak it in.

    It was one of those moments that you wish would last forever. The day was warm and the cool, green waters of the Colorado River slipped by without a noise. Hawks called overhead, so high you could barely see them as their voices echoed off the cliffs, taking on a surreal quality as if they had always been there over the eons it took to carve those walls.

    My heart was in my throat as Jack walked over and hugged me. “I can’t thank you enough…” I began to say. He looked at me with so much love in his eyes. I thought it was because he knew he had given me the most amazing gift ever possible. Then he asked me to marry him.

    It was something special, something WOW and the memory will touch my heart forever. I cried all the way home. :)

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  6. sunflower1912 sunflower1912 says

    Spent the day with my girlfriends at a winery and then came home to a huge surprise party thrown by my husband and kids.  Awesome day!!  Have a Happy Birthday Bubbles!! Remember 50 is just a number ;-)

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  7. Boz Boz says

    Told my significant other what I wanted to do–stay at this grand victorian hotel for a night and have dinner with friends. Yes! In a previous life I would have said, “what ever you think of I’m sure will be wonderful’ Glad those days are gone.

    Even better was my big splash “49 and Holdin’ the Line” B.Day party with gal pals as we took over a local winery for the evening.


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  8. cookielu cookielu says

    My 50th was just a few weeks ago – it was also Homecoming day at my alma mater, and the 50th “birthday” of the school mascot!  It was fun seeing all the birthday wishes on the floats and hearing the marching band play the birthday song.  To all you ladies out there who are vintage 1959 models:  Barbie is 50 this year too, so we’re in good company.  Whatever number the birthday is, make the most of it and be grateful!

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  9. Punkin58 Punkin58 says

    I threw a big party in a local bar (even though I don’t drink anymore!) that reminded me of an old fashioned small town bar of my youth and invited my friends to come and dance with me and have a few laughs. My close girlfriends suprised me with a song that they composed in my honour and performed with gusto! I had a wonderful time!

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  10. Shawnarie Shawnarie says

    I threw a party and although they thought it was a celebration it actually was  for a different reason. I wanted to get eveyone together to thank them for being a part of my life, for mentoring me, for supporting me and to personally tell  them what a difference they had made in my life and how much they meant to me.  It was very personal and I have so many different facets to my life, I thought it was a great way to bring all the people in my life together.

    Also.. anyone who could not attend I wrote a personal note to, or visited face to face if possible. For me it was my wasy of honoring them.  My own personal gratitude list/celebration.  Please know I never hesitate to tell people this on a daily basis, but I just wanted a soiree to show them.  It was a great evening!


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      Well mine was a few years back. But I knew that I wanted to celebrate. So I asked my husband if he thought it would be tacky to plan my own party. He said no but it would be a lot cheaper if he was the one doing it. (he knows me well, I love to entertain). My husband turned 50 as well 6 months after I did. So we decided to plan a big Hawaiian Theme party for both of us. So I started planning way in advance. spending hundreds of dollars on plants for the yard to make it look tropical. We hired a man to play  Hawaiian music while the guests were arriving for the happy hour and appetizers. Then we had prizes for the best hawaiian costume, did the limbo, had hoola hoop contests, etc.  My husband built a Tiki bar and we rented slushy machines (alcoholic ones).The bar was my favorite decoration at the party.  Then we had a full sit down dinner with 50 of our friends, I did all the food, My husband and friends cooked the roast, chicken and coconut salmon on the BBQ  We used our pool table as the buffet  table and had tables scattered all over the house, completely decorated tropical. Every guest had a gift on their plate which was a holder and candle that the proceeds were donated to Breast Cancer,thanking everyone for coming and joining us on this speical occasion. (Every one was asked to not bring gifts)  Then after the evening we went out to our back yard which was totally done in mini lights that my husband had put up all over the yard and we had a bon fire. The evening was such a great event, people talk about that being the best party they had ever been to. And yes, it would have been a lot less if my husband had planned it. But it was very special to have friends who travelled so far to come and celebrate with us. Everyone says they are looking forward to our 75th party.


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  11. Bekah Bekah says

    My 50th was quiet.  The family (brother & wives) had lost our Mom, so both parents were gone.  We had spent the summer and fall going through our parents house and belonging, making repairs.  By the time the holidays and my birthday rolled around we were exhausted.  We made dinner together and had my favorite cake on my off days…. I had to work  (evening shift) on the actual day.  Those at work had a cake and donated money ( we used to help finish work on the house) .  I feel blessed to have celebrated with friends that came by and family.


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  12. Generic Image MargeB says

    I had a slumber party and invited about 50 friends, and because so many of my friends had kids my daughters age, she had a slumber party also.  Was lots of fun.

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  13. Generic Image MelissaS says

    At the last minute, I decided I wanted to mark by 50th birthday by doing something new that would give me a sense of accomplishment.  I find heights frightening and set my goal as a trip to a climbing wall.  I was shaking when I arrived, but an hour later, I had climbed a 50 ft climbing wall on my 50th birthday.  It made me feel strong!

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    • Generic Image suebv says

      Hurrah for you!  That is AWESOME!  How empowering!  Do you feel like you can conquer anything now?

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  14. Generic Image Dee5 says

    I went on a cruise with my husband !  My mom had just passed away a few months earlier so it was a very relaxing way to heal.

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  15. Nancy Schimmel Nancy Schimmel says

    I’m a storyteller and songwriter, so some of my performing friends and I put on a show for my fiftieth birthday that was a fundraiser for refugees. Through the publicity for the program I met the woman I’ve been collaborating with ever since, writing songs and producing albums. It was a good celebration and the start of a great friendship. I didn’t feel so celebratory about turning sixty, so I decided to indulge myself and had a party inviting only friends who could sing, and we sat around my living room singing rounds and harmonizing on old songs. For my seventieth, I did another performance, also a fund-raiser, even more fun than the first, and I’m planning the same for my seventy-fifth next year.

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  16. Generic Image LolaPearl says

    My daughter, son and daughter-in-law surprised me with a sky-diving adventure for all 4 of us. I always swore I would never jump out of a plane unless I had to but the looks on all their faces as they told me was more than I could refuse. When I said, “this is going to be so cool” they all lit up at once.  It was the best present ever.  The jumping out of the airplane was scary but such a rush….I did not feel 50 when we got to the ground.  My kids rock!

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  17. Generic Image cindy lou says

    my best friend came down from up north with her daughter.  she treated me to a ‘spa day’ and an evening shared with family and friends at my favorite restaurant

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