What ” Good Things” Did Pres. George Bush Accomplish? Hot Conversation

In order to be fair and balance I had to find something good about President Bush

I believe everybody has something to give……. I know this will be my shortest Blog here goes..

I think Bush was smart in” chosing”( it may bethe other way around)  the right woman for him,,,,she stayed rather spotless, i like Laura and she could dwrtie a good book on how to keep  your head up o matter what people are saying….Yes Bush did a good job in his partnership with Laura.

Now I will leave this blog open for those who would like to give Bush a lift up.

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  1. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    Well for starters……….consider his efforts as it relates to fighting AIDS in Africa



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    • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

      Thanks you are right , he did  do that ,… ,,any thing come to mind for America? 

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      • Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

        How about No Child Left Behind? Congress based its legislation on GWB’s proposals in 2001.  It was the most sweeping reform of federal education policy in decades; it passed Congress with overwhelming bipartisan majorities and signed into law on January 8, 2002. 

        I feel compelled to say thisI wasn’t a huge fan of Bush’s on the whole. (I’m a Liberterian, not a republican or democrat).    But he wasnt evil personified, and neither is Obama.  (I’m a fan of OBama’s stance this week of Gays in the Military–now DO something about it already~!)

        I cannot wrap my head around many of the posts on here that seem to be so totally wrapped up in staking out two extreme political stances, and assuming that anyone who agrees with any one part of a political platform must embrace it in its entirety.

        If you look for something good about GWB, you will find it because its there.  If you look for something bad about GWB, you will find it because its there.  ANd if you look with eyes wide open (and an open mind), you’ll find a mix.  Same thing about Obama, Clinton, Reagen, and any other president.

        General comments about posting on politics on VN:    Thanks for being open to my response on AIDs and considering NCLB for with spirit it is offered.  I wish I saw fewer assumptions & generalizations on here about other participants and their beliefs based on what that post as an answer, and also   less personalization of responses when it is issue on which we may disagree. 

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      • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

        Thanks, for your response…..I am not rep.or dem myself I vote for what I believe the best for  the country (I say  may becauswe we never really know how anybody will do under pressure) . “Obama has set a great standard for not swelling under pressure to the  point of blowing up”

        My experience with politics want to make me stay away…..but we have to try and make things better.

        Now the No child left Behind was a good idea…but it failed  most of children, they are even more illiterate  than before, due to the testing (TAAS) a close family member of mine is a high school she is teaching these children who should not have been left behind..many cannot read up to a third grade level.

        Dallas you know what the real problem in education is ?…Good teachers can no longer teach…..One teacher I know says some days there are 3 meetings to attend during the shool hours!! when a teacher has a bright idea how to help students learn, it is blocked? Young children of 5-10 are now getting  “records” that are to be revisited if they get into any trouble later ,l they use these “record’ aganist them. Although some children who parents can afford lawyers or who have good relationship with the justice system , pass this process…sometimes tha is why you hear of mass murders who never had “contact” with the law. 


        Parent participation not in the school , but at home….my mother never had to come to school about me , when I left home I knew what was expected of me.

        Today parents leave it all up to the school . one parent ask the high school teacher “

        awould you check”Jhonny’s back pack and see if has his home assignment’?

        No President can fix this Pres. Obama tried to address it and like so much of what he tries to do he was verbally attack.

          When heads of states set out to make things better….it is the people who have to start the ball rolling. 

        What i would love to see us women do is be able it come out of the box and

        see the trees instead of  looking at the forest…which mean idividual responsibility

        creates  a unified front.

        I am for the good of everyone which include the  poor, the uneducated, the needy the ill…

        The reason I put the blog out on the NPP was becaue i  have a brother who is a 74

        and is a law abiding man never been in trouble  been attending the same intergrated church for 45 years. I gave him a T-Shirt with the First Family Obamas and he made a comment in his innocent way , when he saw me with mine on, I want to wear mine to church but the way people talk about Obama , they might get mad at me,”

        This upset me what has Obama done to deserve so much negativity…so I wanted to start a Positive Blog  from those who though he did deserve it and blog about.

        Now Dallas I ahve a question for you ,since you said of Bush if you look for a good thing he has done you can find it.     Right ?..I agree

        Now shouldn’t that same rule apply in Obama’s case if you look for a good reason hes recieved the NNP you can find one…..right?

        I have no intention of changing anybody’s opinon……I believe non of our opinons ccount that much when people have their minds made up.

        But when we can think outside of the “box” wew can make things happen for the good of us all.

        I don’t embrace either party in many things …..I believe the law of the universe will rule one way or another…..governments go up and down to prove that. This country has had it’s hay days and if it doesn’t come back to family, love,  and justice there will be no peace that is the law of the univrse “what goes up must come down”

        I believe we as a country are already close to the bottom…when one man can steal billions of dollars and feel no shame as people lose their life savings.

        we are so busy trying to hurt some of the small organizations who we have been caught with hands in the cookie jar…they should be stopped …but closed down to hurt many deserving people of their service?…..I don’t think so.

        Banks and walls street are doing well , even if the masses are suffering…

        While others are stealing the whole cookie manufactory.

        We need balance and love ….love will override all hate….I really like the spiritual and the family relationship blogs but guess what? most times they go hardly notice….

        so  guess we older women like the drama. the truama of politics….I look at it as a neccessary evil…but we can learn to agree to disagree.

        i must say finding good about Bush is not as easy as it to find good about some other Presidents….even your first blog was the shortest i have evr seen you do. (LOL)

        But you are right if you look for bad you will find it and if you look for good you will find it……….for  Bush the good is one of thoes research projects…..i saw him golf off and goof off more than anything…..not to menition he didn’t talk pretty (LOL)

        But  I saw the good was Laura Bush…..

        i agree with you on the personalization is not so cool.

        but I guess that again is why i don’t care for politics….they say if yopu can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen……so for now I am on my way to the front porch (LOL)

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      • Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

        As far as the NPP, I’ve said my opinion…but I’m not on the committee so it is simply that, my opinion! ;-)  But no–I still don’t see it (yet).  I don’t get giving awards for hope and good vibe generation.  I’m more discerning as it relates to measurement–measurable, meaningful, and marked change. 

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      • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

        Fair enough, and that is your opinion…..I don’t give Bush credit for No Child Left Behind….because more got left behind after the program than before…

        But when I have the time i will try to find something more than Laura,

        Well one thing for sure he won’t be getting no NNP (LOL)


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      • Generic Image sparklingsusie says

        Even Obama was surprised he got the Nobel Peace Prize. He was in office exactly 14 days after he was elected and the nominations were closed. What had he done in 14 days to win this? There were so many people who were nominated who deserved this . (Please google and see…) People who could still lose their lives for what they have done for future generations of the world and their own countries.  Why push someone out who had done so many things? What was the rush for Obama because he still has plenty of time to actually do something to be nominated again. These others nominations have been diminished by this. I asked my kids (teens ) how they felt.  My daughter said the N.P.P. isnt worth anything to her anymore because you can just be popular and win….she said that happens in school all the time…

        I agree with you about education but I think it just proves why no child left behind didnt work. I worked in education for 30 years and when a child wasnt performing you could call the parents and they made sure the child started working. Now more often than not the parents think their child can do no wrong so it must be the teachers fault..thats if you can even get a parent in…. that’s not the program’s fault that’s the parents….

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      • Generic Image sparklingsusie says

        When we help the world we help the USA. (America is North and South and.. is Central America  an America or is it Latin America. I just know my friends fromt the North or South of here consider themselves Americans too.)

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  2. Generic Image jankowski1 says

    George Bush did do a good thing in picking Laura as his life partner.  She was calm cool, and a good person, although we don’t know what her thoughts were on anything.  She really showed no emotion at all during the eight years she was at the White House.  Did she even know what was going on?  She may be a good mate for W, but how intellligent can she be, sticking by a man who was doing a substandard job as Commander in Chief? 

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    • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

      I get what yo say , but you must admit many women have  tried to “stand by their man” and came out loooking foolish and low self esteem..but Laura had a way of standing by George and yet you felt their was an “invisible bubble” I say she had a special method she used , maybe some klind of Asian Ancient teaching…..again I found her likable and yet there was more to her than she just left in the” land of unknown” 

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      • Generic Image jankowski1 says

        She is likeable, just like Barbara Bush is, in spite of their mates.  I think she was in denial the whole time and that is how she dealt with things.  Maybe she was in a bubble, didn’t read the papers or watch the news and believed whatever people told her.

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      • Generic Image sparklingsusie says

        Wow think of  this.Maybe just maybe she did support what he was doing..maybe she thought he was doing what he thought was necessary. How do you know she was just standing by her man and thinking he was wrong? Maybe sheshe stood by him and  thought he was right….I think Laura had plenty of class and was very intelligent and not bad looking either…I never felt she was in an invisible bubble at all.

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      • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

        It was my thought about the bubble, not a fact or an accusation of her character and

        she couldn’t have thought he did everything right…i haven’t met a man or a woman who has…(especially men in power}

         As far as the war,I believe Bush made a great mistake…..she may be all for the war. It  sometimes surprise how some women are pro war….she just doesn’t look like it to me…..

        but may be that is another thing she keeps in the closet(LOL)

        Any from what I can see of Laura Bush I  like her and I don’t lump people together because one is not my favorite person….and to be openly honest I  don’t dislike

        Bush,I think he was used some of the time

         I would never give any politician 100% belife

        in everything they say… does anyone?

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      • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

        No she wasn’t “bad looking” although I believe the character the attitude and essence of a person is what makes them attracftive…..looks is in the eyes of hte beholder I can’t think of a first lady that was bad looking, but people were unkind to her mother-in-law Barbara…but I wouldn’t say she was bad looking , age and illness is not always kind..she has a kind spirit… and it makse her more attractive to me where some may not agree with my opinion. and our first lady today I think is beautiful.

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      • Generic Image sparklingsusie says

        Wow think of  this.Maybe just maybe she did support what he was doing..maybe she thought he was doing what he thought was necessary. How do you know she was just standing by her man and thinking he was wrong? Maybe sheshe stood by him and  thought he was right….I think Laura had plenty of class and was very intelligent and not bad looking either…I never felt she was in an invisible bubble at all.

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  3. Lynnette Lynnette says

    let me count them…. Laura and the twins, he is a funny haha type of person, there has to be something else, let me think harder, nope!

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  4. Generic Image sparklingsusie says

    Being from NY and having lost friends in 9-11 I saw G.B. unite a country like it hadnt been united in a long time.  He supported us at a time when we really needed support. He also  showed true compassion and showed everyone that it is ok for a grown man to cry. I feel, and this is my own opinion, that people have forgotten how really scary that time period was. My husband was supposed to be in Manhattan that day but his meeting was cancelled. I was in Connecticutt and when this happened I couldnt reach any of my 5 children or my husband for hours.  Cell phones were out. Military jets were everywhere and for months flying over my house….

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    • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

      I was schedule to fly into NY on 9-11 myself and made a choice to not go as i was invited to GA the following week and I decided not to fly…..that was an awful day for so many people.

      I guess tha is why I am against war and more so unneccessry war, we need to strive for peace for mankind , many people live that kind of life everyday not knowing when a bomb or something will attack….if nothing else feelig the pain and the horror of what it must be like, we should all strive for peace.

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    • Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

      I too remember a president choking up with emotion, pride & pain on national TV.  I didn’t always support the aftermath…..still dont…..but I didn’t doubt for a single, solitary minute that he acted solely out of a belief of what he thought was best for the United States of America. 

      His views may have been myopic at times……he may have been either naive or insensitive to the world view…….he may have acted like a gun slinging cowboy……..but it would be equally myopic & short sighted to not remember fully those days.  He had the entire country behind him at that time.

      No matter our differences…………..

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      • Generic Image sparklingsusie says

        I couldn’t have said this better….thank you

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      • fayetteSIPP fayetteSIPP says

        I must say this , that sounds good ….but  across the world there are mothers crying for their families and babies, we are the world and one day it will be proven,

        I felt the pain and the horror from where I watched….what if you had to live like that  everyday?

        New Orleans is a part of the United States also  and their view of GWB is not one painted so pretty of choking with emotion …..and they felt they had  no one for  5 days……….

        Well it’s been nice to blog . I hope this thread went ok, but I know my views on life and humanity does not line up with some so …….have a good week Dallas…






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    • Jackie Brown Jackie Brown says

      I watched from the window as the towers came down, a sight I will never forget. My neighborhood fire station lost the most number of men–15–of any other unit in the city. No, we haven’t forgotten the tragedy of September 11, but we must get past it and try to get on with our lives. But that is going to be difficult due to the physical effects of our having inhaled the by-products of the collapses.

      As far as leadership during our national tragedy, Bush and Giuliani both did what was expected of them as president and mayor, little more.

      Unfortunately, the Bush administration didn’t do as much during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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  5. Generic Image MagentaRose says

    Spending a great amount of time on vacation and not doing more harm to the country? Mffh. No. Cheney then took over.

    Being nice to the children that he was reading My Pet Goat to on Sept. 11, 2001? Selecting real competent people for the various posts, like Heckuva Job Brownie? Saving us from the WMD all over Iraq? Adding a few shepards to the Guantanamo terrorist suspects so that it would look like they were catching a lot of bad guys?

    As for Laura Bush, when I think of the accomplishments of Princess Diana and the positive causes that she used her position to accomplish, I don’t know why Mrs. Bush is even mentioned. Do we value unobtrusiveness?

    Please note that although this post is facetious, it doesn’t deride W and Mrs. Bush personally, but simply states that their performance in the last 8 years left the country, and the world …where it’s now, facing political, environmental and financial disasters.


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