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Did you feel the world axle shift? That was Rush Limbaugh issuing an apology for his outrageous comments directed at Sandra Fluke.

The power of your voices had the arrogant Rush Limbaugh apologizing. The onslaught of protests to the sponsors of his show had  advertisers pulling out of  his radio show.

His apology on his website reads :

“For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke. My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”

Does not strike me as a sincere apology but just a response instruction from his bosses and sponsors.

He absolutely meant a personal attack on Sandra Fluke. Even going as far as saying he wanted her to post video when she has sex on the internet for him to watch.

But what I want to speak to here is not a man that is not worth a moment of our precious lives…but the pride I feel in the power of our voices joined together. Social media has given us as never before a path to make quick impact when there are those who try to silence our voices and/or cross the bounds  as Rush did on his show.

We have accomplished much as women to gain our equal rights in this Country. But we have far yet to go.  And I can not say it better on this issue than Sandra Fluke when she said;

“What has been made clear, is that women will not be silenced on this issue, and neither will the men who support them.”

Your voice our voices together  have the power to make great change.

It’s a good day.

Georgia T

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  1. Guilded Lilly Guilded Lilly says

    In ways it is a very good day!

    Women of our age in this decade have already fought this hideous fight of demeaning and control when we were Sandra Flute’s age…and younger. We are pissed enough and savvy enough now to use some very powerful tools against the imbeciles out there.

    It will be a never ending fight as long as certain mindsets are permitted to bluster and spew without any accountability. 

    Limbaugh is a billious blowhard. A spokesperson for a kind of misogyny that has raised its hideous head in recents months and used as a tool by people who are scared of strong intelligent women.The not so great news and more than a shame is  that we have to even have this battle. Though it says much more about those types of men (and the women who follow that mindset), we are the ones routinely being victimized. We can’t let down our guard. 

    Yeah, I am proud of us and our strength… and of the men who aren’t afraid!

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    • Generic Image charmed says

      Rush Limbaugh was so wrong to use such derogatory labels to describe Ms. Fluke.

      And, Ms. Fluke is so wrong to think that I – or any other taxpayer – should pay for her birth control! I am sickened by this “entitlement” thinking by these younger women.

      We have a young woman on the food stamp program in Michigan (won one million dollars) who was still receiving food stamp benefits and believed since she now owns two homes and still has no job, that she feels it is her right to still receive food stamps! Where in the world does this thinking come from?

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      • Generic Image Bethy says

        Ms. Fluke is being used by the Democrats to deflect the outrage felt by most Americans about the new health care mandate, forcing Catholic institutions to pay for pills, abortion etc, against their moral conscience.  They have successfuly changed the issue from religious freedom to women’s rights.    The Republicans need to learn to beat the Democrats at their own game.  The fact is that Ms. Fluke is obviously lying about the pill costing $3000 over three years.  It is free at most Planned Parenthood offices or can cost less than $10/mo at a CVS within three miles of where she now lives. So it doesn’t cost $3000 for three years, as she testified, but $360, or it is free.   And how is it that she chose to go to a Catholic University, knowing their issues with birth control. Or that at 30 years of age, she expects the government to pay for her birth control.   I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Ms. Fluke was put up to this by the Democrats to change the subject from Religious freedom to women’s rights-they’re very good at this sort of thing!!!

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      • Generic Image maplav says

        I am surprised that it is being lost that the primary testimony of Sandra Fluke dealt with the medical needs for hormone therapy rather than just family planning. There are a lot of women taking birth control pills for medical issues, but Rush, loathsome as he is, as redirected people and lied about Ms. Fluke’s testimony, indicating that it was all about sex. He also demonstrated his lack of knowledge about the subject by talking of the pill as though you take one for each time you have sex rather than once a day. He manipulated the discussion away from medical uses to sex, which seems to be foremost on his mind. His comments were loathsome and he is a bully and I applaud the hundreds of thousands of voices speaking out against him.  Is there no civil discourse left? Name calling on any side is out of line with civil discourse. If a person disagrees with me, is their only remedy to call me a slut and a prostitute? Cannot there be an honest discussion about what Ms. Fluke really said in her testimony?

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      • Ginger R Ginger R says

        Ms. Fluke wasn’t asking anyone to pay for her birth control.  Only that it be available through her insurance policy which she pays a premium for.  I can’t understand this fixation with “free”. Insurance coverage is not free.  

        We all know there are some in this world who ae either not very bright or do enjoy cheating the system, any system.  The food stamp/lottery story has made the rounds.  Do you know of any instances where deserving people are receiving food stamps or do you jusy know about the scams?    

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  2. Generic Image Paula T says

    I am not a Rush fan and I think it was a very inappropriate for him to say. That being said, I don’t understand why there is no outrage when a conservative women is miligned , they seem to be fair game. Liberal talk show host Ed Schultz referred to Laura Ingraham as a “right wing slut “. There was no attention from the main stream media. Carbonite was a sponsor for both shows, Rush was dropped, Ed was not. Why the double standard?

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    • Generic Image Anikay says

      Ed was also off the air for over a week as a result of his remarks. He issued a nine minute apology as well. He promised never to utter those type rants or disparaging remarks again. 

      What surprises me is that many of those who are darlings of Rush will not take him to task for maligning this young woman. The thought is as Rush is the big bad bully of the right even those in his party fear being a target. They have cowarded instead.

      As fathers they should all be ashamed of not defending her honor.

      Imagine a man of his influence demanding to view sex tapes! So should we conclude the defacto head of the Republican he watches pornography? 


      Has even Laura expressed her outrage toward rush having suffered simiarly?

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      • Generic Image charmed says

        As fathers, they should tell their daughters that it is not the taxpayers’ responsibility to pay for their birth contorl! I do believe however that Rush was very wrong to use such derogatory terms to describe Ms. Fluke.

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      • Generic Image maplav says

        Ed’s apology was long, all encompassing and profuse and he took himself off the air & swore never to do it again to his public and his family. Rush parsed his words, apologizing for two words, never addressed the video comments or his ignorance regarding birth control & then proceeded to blame attacks on him on liberal media – a conspiracy against him. He was not sorry for his words, actions, & proceeded to rationalize all over the place.

        As to Democrats using Sandra Fluke, yes they did, as a female testimony concerning the multiple uses of birth control as medical treatment. This was a contrast to the five religiously employed MEN with no professional knowledge of contraception that the Republicans under the chairmanship of Rep. Issa – billionaire Republican, used to testify regarding religious freedom. Religious freedom is what the Republicans are using to distract people from the real issue – equality in healthcare for men and women. Noone is telling religions what they can or cannot believe. The insurance industry is regulated. If a religion crosses over into the insurance industry, it is now subject to regulation. Obama gave them a way out by requiring the insurance companies to take up the slack so that women were not compromised & religions were not compromised. If a Catholic University or hospital has hundreds of employees who are not Catholics, or Catholics who do not choose to follow the churches instructions, why should they be discriminated against & not have any certainty as to what their policy covers. We have all been victims of insurance companies – I certainly have. Without regulation of the insurance industry, we would all be victims constantly. I am now on Medicare & AARP & have never had them get between me and my doctor. I did have a Triple AAA insurance company get between me and my doctor & give me the shaft on a claim. Regulation & certainty are a MUST for the insurance industry. This is not about religious freedom. Republicans have demonstrated in more ways than this that they intend to get between a woman and her doctor & have government interfere. Their attitudes about women are positively medieval. What is the next area of medicine they are going to dictate to women about?

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      You are SO right Paula!  A double standard, indeed!!

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    • Ginger R Ginger R says

      No double standard.  Ed apoligized on his own the very next morning, not on a web site, but in fromt of cameras for all the world to see.  His apology was sincere and heartfelt and very specific.  Then he imposed a week long suspension on himself.  While Ed’s remarks were ugly, it didn’t come close to the 3 days of tirades from Rush.  

      You didn’t hear much about Ed because one he apoligized the right wing media wasn’t interested in talking about it.  There was no reason to take action against Ed, he took his own. 

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  3. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    Rush’s comments were disgusting and he should have been drowned out.  But I am totally with Paula.  When liberals are as vocal about obnoxious liberals as they are about obnoxious conservatives (and vice versa)…it will be a proud day in America.

    But that day hasn’t come.

    In 2009, David Letterman in a pathetic attempt at humor, referred to Sarah Palin as a “slutty flight attendant.”

    In 2011, Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “c*nt” during his standup routine.

    Also in 2011, Bill Maher and guest Marc Maron lightheartedly discussed how they hope Michele Bachmann’s husband “f*cks her angrily.”

    In 2011, left wing talk show host Ed Schultz called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut”.

    In 2009, Keith Olbermann referred to conservative blogger and author Michelle Malkin as a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick.”

    In 2010, Joy Behar of The View repeatedly called Republican Sharron Angle a “bitch” on air, saying, “She’s going to hell, this bitch.”

    In 2010, Gawker published a libelous story slandering Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell titled “I Had a One Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell.”

    In 2011, the rabidly liberal cartoonist of Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau, created a comic making fun of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann’s breasts.

    In 2011, Bill Maher, again on cue, referred to Sarah Palin as a dumb “twat”.

    In 2009, David Letterman joked about 14 year old Willow Palin getting “knocked up” by Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      Dallas Lady…………you are SO right and have the quotes to prove it!  Wise up ladies!!!

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    • SassySenior SassySenior says

      I am often surprised and offended by the language on TV – bad grammar as well as slurs of all varieties. I didn’t hear Rush Limbaugh, or any of your other quotes, but I did happen to be watching when the original clip of Sandra Fluke was aired. My first thought was what arrogance entitlement had produced among our young people. My second thought was that I would be humiliated if my daughter declared these things on national television. Her parents are probably defending her (as we parents do) but not without a heavy heart.

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    • Ginger R Ginger R says

      The people you cite in your post are all comic with theri own shows.  Unlike Rush who makes a big show of saying he is the truth and the authority.  There are no Democratic politicians to my knowledge, repeating the statments you posted here.  If you listen carefully, you will hear the GOP talking points coming straight off the Rush show.   I can also guarantee you from first hand knowledge that it wasn’t just Democrats who were balsting Rush.  Plenty of Republican Women added their voices.  When Women enter the fray of politics, they are fair game.  It isn’t a very nice game but they know that when they enter it.  Ms. Fluke is a pricvte citizen who asked to be heard by the committee.  She is not running for public office.  The only one on your list who was not a politician, who by the way said plenty of theri own nasty things about our President, was Dr. Lauara and that event with Ed has already been discussed and explained.  Sorry, but you comparison doesn’t hold water.      

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      • Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

        My comparison certainly does hold water.  Comics are FUNNY.  Calling women sluts, sexualizing children, isnt funny.  And besides–Ed Shultz isn’t a comic.  Gawker isnt comedic.  Its tabloid.  I’m afraid my list is as valid as Rush Limbaugh.  And likely–so are you.  Its just that uncomfortable.  There is aboslutely no excuse–none–for the type of lanugage and characterization of women highlighted both by the poster in calling out Rush Limbaugh and my own list as well.  If you can chastise Rush–but not what I also pointed out–then that says a lot.   And its scary to me.

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  4. Generic Image says

    The fact is that when women – whatever the subject and whatever their stance – are verbally attacked, it is often in a far more insulting and personal way than when it happens to men.
    This is fundamentally wrong and we, as intelligent, strong women, shouldn’t let it happen without raising a fuss.  Period.

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  5. Generic Image kanmko says

    After seeing DL’s list, I am glad that I don’t have a similar one showing the opposing stats – and I am sure it exists.
    If we aren’t going to apply judgement without preference, what’s the point? I’m learning that passing judgement is a suit, I don’t have to wear so much. 

    There was a time when someone said or did something stupid (like streaking at sporting events), most people agreed that it was stupid and the news agreed to minimally report (blurring the image) it as that, and the police would arrest the perp, and life and the game continued, rather than being publicized over and over again. We have a different process now that allows people to say whatever they want much more than before. The language that comes out of our mouths is an expression of the times that we are living in.

    Rush must be loving all the publicity, no matter how much it costs him. He’s a bully. People keep playing what he said, like it must be played, in case you didn’t hear it for the umpteenth time. 

    It plays on people’s hostilities and differences. It becomes a distraction (for me, if I pay too much attention). It matters what people think about it, but hopefully, we’ll use our ‘how to handle a bully techniques’ and disarm those types, whoever they may be, by calling them out and silencing them and their messages. (Advertisers pulling out is what brought South Africa down.)

    Yeah, that’s the real trick with handling bullies, not standing by and being an enabler, and not becoming a bully in the process of defending the victim.
    Is it just me?

    There must be something that we can take from this and not respond like so many other times. The news media is blowing this up, and they are able to do so because of the polarized climate that exists. It definitely should be addressed, using wisdom, or we can keep the status quo going with he said she said and, we’re choosing to feed the frenzy.

    Here’s a another choice, Let’s learn our lesson, adjust and move onto the better things that this stupidity is distracting us from. Like getting to know each other so we can work together on this particular issue. It may sound corny, but it works.

    What was the original issue? What if we’re able to bring out a new and more relevant discourse, because we choose to disregard the distraction, and stay on topic, or even briefly acknowledge the distraction and use it to inform us about the topic vs overtake the topic.

    (I have to focus, so I can keep from being distracted. That’s me.)

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    • Generic Image maplav says

      I think the news media should be talking about the Limbaugh shock jock comments. They are absolutely outrageous and insulting to all women. Considering that 98% of women have used a form of birth control at some time
      in their lives, including myself, do we deserve to be called a slut or a prostitute? I used it for family planning & have three beautiful daughters that my husband and I adore. Rush’ coarse, disgusting comments deserve to be highlighted & he should pay a price for what he said. One person suggests that Ms. Fluke exagerrated the cost of birth control pills and why doesn’t she go to Planned Parenthood and get them cheaper. Remember the Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood and wipe them out? Where would poor people go then for their reproductive checkups and tests and cheaper birth control pills? How many ways do you want to have this conversation? Less abortion is the result of good family planning via birth control. Isn’t that what we all want?

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  6. Generic Image Lindaloo says

    American politics is truly is the race to the bottom!

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  7. Generic Image Donna Smallwood says

    What is truly sad is that we focus on such nonsensical things as which political party does what, when ALL Americans need food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, and a purpose for the day.
    We need to get our priorities straight and see each other as one human family that needs to rethink the future in realistic terms. We need to put a halt to consumerism, and find a saner way to live. If you don’t like the way the GOOD OLE BOYS do business; fine, stop buying their stuff! The only message they seem to hear is dollars and cents. Learn how to want, take care of, and responsibly use what you already have and vow to make carefully thought out and informed choices for the future.
    The base natured mud slinging that happens politically is just a smoke screen for what Washington doesn’t want anyone to know; our country is in deep trouble on so many levels!
    If peace and progress can happen, it’s up to the women of this country to rise above the GOOD OLE BOY system and find a much better way; after all… the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

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    • Barb Hughes Barb Hughes says

      Great post, Donna.  A way to go lighter on consumerism AND create community with other like-minded kind women, is to start a Free Swap. Women volunteer to host a free swap at a venue that donates their space for free.  They invite like-minded women to bring clean and in good condition items to swap.  Women show up, lay out their stuff/clothes they brought that they no longer need/use/love…and then wander around picking up new-to-them items that they CAN use.  It’s free frugal fun.  It combines house cleaning, reycling, community, and common sense.  I’ve put together a wordpress site where I talk about free swaps, and give instructions on how to start them.  It’s been a really fun way to create community that doesn’t involve money/power/politics.  swappositive.wordpress.com

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  8. Guilded Lilly Guilded Lilly says

    Ed Schultz took HIMSELF off the air after his vile comment, as he should. He also profusely apologized, as he should. The feedback was swift and vehement, as it should have been.

    Rush Limbaugh has been a low life vile jerk for years and this has finally come home to roost, as it should. The same fate should fall on Bill Maher.

    No one is stopping ANYONE from showing outrage, and if you feel outrage, then say it.

    Men have been repulsive to women forever and I don’t give a d*mned what party they *represent*. It is wrong, and any time women and intelligent men can do anything about holding any hateful morons accountable for their misogynist blabbering, GOOD.

    Sandra Fluke was speaking of the use of birth control for women who were suffering from female health problems, not because (as Rush so basely spewed) she wanted to have so much sex and wanted other people to pay for it. His ignorance on the subject was very typical of men and women with the same insipid mindset.

    No one’s tax dollars were being requested to buy her or anyone elses’ birth control. Not a conservative, not a liberal, not an independent. She is required to pay for her health insurance by her educational institution and wanted birth control to be included in that health insurance she and others pay for through their institution. She spoke to Congress in the name of other women she represented.

    But read her EXACT words here, no spin no middle-men…from her Congressional appearance:

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    • Generic Image kanmko says

      Thanks GL. I found another site that speaks about the legislation on About.com. I’m really just beginning to get the facts on this.

      “A division of the National Academy of Sciences charged with advising the nation on health topics, the IOM’s findings often guide policy-making decisions. Such was the case with their report issued July 19, 2011, recommending that eight preventive health services be added to the health care plans insurers cover at no cost to women.

      Those same eight services are the basis of the new HHS guidelines:

      screening for gestational diabetes
      screening for HPV as part of cervical cancer screening for women over 30
      screening and counseling for HIV
      screening and counseling to prevent interpersonal and domestic violence
      counseling on sexually transmitted infections
      contraceptive methods and counseling to prevent unintended pregnancies
      lactation counseling and equipment to promote breast-feeding
      annual well-woman preventive care visits to obtain recommended preventive care services

      For complete details, see “Free Birth Control? What’s Covered Under ‘Preventive Services’” (http://womensissues.about.com/od/reproductiverights/a/Insurance-Preventive-Services.htm)”
      If anyone else has a better reference or more info, let us know.

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      • SassySenior SassySenior says

        It is a woman’s choice to engage in recreational sex and part of that choice is HER responsibility for the consequences. Rude awakening that it is, there are NO choices without consequences. It may seem for a time that your getting to make the choice and the government taking the responsibility is a good thing..but there are consequences of that as well.

        One is handing over what precious few personal freedoms you have left. I don’t drink or smoke – but I defend your unalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (sound familiar?) and that includes your personal RIGHT to harm your own health as long as you take responsibility for the consequences. Ditto for fast food, sweets and all the other tasty stuff that is making us the most obese, least healthy people in the world. If we want personal freedom, then it follows that we must accept personal responsibility.

        In giving over some/all of our personal responsibilities to government, we have agreed to their collecting a tax to pay for accepting this responsibility and ultimately to their dictating behavior. The effects of diet (obesity, diabetes, some cancers) and other personal choices are now the basis of soaring public responsibility for individual health choices. Do you really believe that a government which takes responsibility for contraception isn’t going to attempt to regulate other behaviors…and withhold or spend according to it’s mandates? Witness this weeks government decision to withhold women’s health funding from the state of Texas in an attempt to force their acceptance of government funded abortion.

        Better health is a good thing – and poor choices, be they result from recreational sex, addictive habits, bad decisions, or poor food choices enslave those who make them. In our zeal to let others take the consequences for our individual actions, we have allowed the government unprecedented control over our personal lives – and we have granted them the right to force those who make good decisions to share in the cost of care for those who make poor decisions.

        Those who support the Fluke controversy as a health issue are in for a rude awakening if they think they can pick and choose among government mandates.

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    • Ginger R Ginger R says

      Thanks GL for the informative post.  Maybe some folks will bother to read it.  A much better source of information.

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  9. MSR MSR says

    I was outraged by Rush Limbaugh’s comments, as well, but I don’t listen to his talk show and wonder about the intelligence of people who do.  I’ve noticed in some of the other comments people talking about “the taxpayer paying for birth control” — as a matter of fact, our tax dollars AREN’T being asked to pay for birth control. The government isn’t funding this. Instead they want the INSURANCE companies to subsidize the cost of birth control and if you have insurance, you and/or your employer will pay for it through your premiums.
    Personally, I would like the government to get out of my body entirely — whether it be abortion, birth control, marijuana, doctor-assisted suicide or any other personal decision people make about their own bodies.  It’s not the government’s business to legislate morals.  Part of the problem in this country is that people don’t take responsibility for their actions — but how can you expect them to, if the government takes over more and more of the decision-making?  In the end, making things “illegal” doesn’t make them disappear; it just pushes them underground — making them harder to obtain, more expensive, and often very dangerous. I’d like to live in a country where people CHOOSE not to do many of these things, but that requires education – a much more worthy area for our government tax dollars!

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  10. Charlotte Henley Babb Charlotte Henley Babb says

    Let’s do talk about the question.

    Why shouldn’t women have all the recreational sex WE desire?

    Women are sexual beings. We are not sluts because we have consensual sex with whatever partners we choose. Beign a prostitute is a business, an exploitation–not the same thing as being sexually active.  

    If a woman chooses to remain single and chooses to have more than one sexual partner, that is none of ANYONE’s business. 

    I submit that birth control is considerably cheaper and safer than pregnancy, complications of pregnancy, care for low birth weight babies, motherhood leave, aid for dependant children, insurance for covered children, educational expenses and other expenses of having children. 

    Paying for birth control is by far the best deal in health care.  At one time, women on welfare were forced to have implants to prevent pregnancy. 

    This country needs to get out of the bedroom of other people and get us back to work, back to production, back to American knowhow.  

    If Rush Limbaugh did something productive, it would not matter how much excrement spews from his mouth.

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  11. Generic Image v33yahoo says

    I’m sorry but did I miss something here, what Limbaugh said was wrong ( the same could be said for most commentators ) but the underling problem is the fact that we are raising a generation a kids who think that they are entitled to have every thing paid for by someone else. If you want to sleep around, that your business, but why should I pay for it! you want the government to pay for everything, but you forget, that someone hast to put the money in for the government to pay it out.( and what economics class did you go to were it OK to borrow .53 cent of every dollar you pay out) I worked hard, went to collage, earned a degree, and got a job. I want what I earn!!!!!

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    • Ginger R Ginger R says

      No one is asking the public to pay for Birth Control.  Why do you keep saying that?  It is simply not true.  She was asking for consideration to have BC covered under the Universities insurance policy, for which she and the other Women there pay a premium.  How is that asking you or the government to pay for anything?  It dosen’t matter how many times this gets repeated, it still will not be true.

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      • SassySenior SassySenior says

        I really don’t understand this idea that the government has money of it’s own (well, they are printing it right and left, but that’s another problem). WE (the public to which you allude aren’t being asked to pay for anything) ARE THE GOVERNMENT. We pay for EVERYTHING that our elected officials and their administrators spend. This includes grants to Planned Parenthood and clinics who provide abortion and birth control. In theory, we have some control over how our tax funds are spent by voting against lawmakers who propose or vote for legislation that is unacceptable to us, but unfortunately, individuals don’t get to allocate the taxes they pay only to programs which they believe are helpful or moral. Yes, it bothers me that even one penny of the tax that I pay might be spent on legalized murder.

        And, as to the Fluke controversy, if she is only asking to have the University include free birth control in it’s insurance program, why is she talking to the U.S. Senate?

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  12. Generic Image Faith Baker says

    Over half of all pregnancies are not “planned” pregnancies; rather they are “oops” pregancies, of which at least 40% of them are under the age of 18. These young girls are already getting welfare through their own mothers and now we must pay for their babie’s babies. I think its a whole lot cheaper to pay for their birth control than having to pay for their both the mother and their child and the child’s child to be on the welfare rolls. I would say that it is the responsiblility of both parents to raise their children with the proper morals, except that there are no fathers in the home. If I go to the mall at 9:00 p.m., I will inevitably see a group of young girls shopping with several children and babies all in a group, from 12 year old’s with babies, to 18 year olds with several children of different ages. These younger girls should be at home by 9:00 p.m. and their babies should have been fed, bathed and in bed alot earlier. Instead, the babies and toddlers are screaming, crying, etc… It sickens me. But, unfortunately, that’s the way it is. We won’t condone sex education in the schools, and it certainly isn’t being taught at home. Usually the mothers of all these young girls were also pregnant at an early age. When you have a society of girls who think giving oral sex to boys at the age of 13 isn’t “really” sex at all, we’ve got a larger problem on our hands. So lets get some sex education out there in the schools whether or not you like it because the way things are going, every child born WILL be on welfare.And everyone is so vehement about being anti-abortion, yet all the programs like Planned Parenthood are being cut back, so all you conservative nay-sayers are only interested in these babies until they are born, after that, you’re on your own. You can’t have it both ways. And what about the boys- I don’t hear anyone calling them sluts and whores!  Where the hell is their responsibility for impregnating young women? Well, you know, boys will be boys, right Rush? Oh, and by the way, Rush, did you get that name for the “rush” you got from hoarding hundreds of oxycodones? I guess thats okay, because you’re a man. One last note-health insurance has been paying for vasectomies for ages, why not for women’s tubal ligations, esp. after they’ve had several children or health reasons for doing so? We’ve certainly come a long way, BABIES!, unfortunately in a backwards direction…

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  13. Loonamea Loonamea says

    Is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for Viagra?  Me thinks NOT!

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  14. Generic Image Anikay says

    Ms Fluke wasn’t speaking about her own need for contracepives. If one believes that they obviously did not listen to her testimony themselves.
    It is important to double check information which is populated throughout the so called (by Newt) ”elite” media. Yes that includes MSNBC.  

    The fact that VN members are here show they have access to the Internet. Thus, they have access to the electronic version of the print meda and can therefore read a copy of what was really said.

    A person like rush is given to spin and hyperbole. The fact that none on the campaign trail could muster the guts to denounce him for his nasty comments show how much he has them cowarded.

    However McCain stepped up like a father, a gentleman and  denounced Rush. C‘mon a man who would ask a ingenue to send him sex tapes? That statmement alone should have everyone appalled. 
    Further, anyone of principle cannot use the “so, so you did it too claim!!” like a five year old. For remember your parents reply? “Two wrongs dod not make a right.”

    Ms Fluke was not testifying on behalf on herself but others who would benefit from taking contraceptives as it alleviates other female specific maladies.

    I do not understand those who would be against insurance coverage for contraceptives for it’s orignial purpose. On one hand, it seems some would prevent women the opportunity to prevent preganancy but then also the procedure to terminate a unwanted pregnancy. But  if she should go on welfare as a result of having a baby out of wedlock with no means to support the baby… she is then further scorned and told she should not look to the state for help to live even a low quality life.

    so it seems many are saying a female who would engage in recreational unmarried sex is damned is she does or doesn’t!


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