The Turkey That Turns The Tide

Okay, so my immediate family is gathering on the 22 this year.  As usual, as Mom I get to set it all up, plan the menu, clean and decorate the apartment and do most of the cooking. 


The amount of work almost seems surreal, even though it’s really not that bad.  We do a Chris Kringle Christmas so I don’t have a lot of shopping to do, and my stock of giftware helps a lot as I sift through it and select gifts for the “Christmas Stockings” which are really a bag full of small gifts and treats for my offspring and their spouces. 


Once the place is cleaned up I really enjoy the preparations.  It’s just getting me moving that is the hard part.  There needs to be some event that gives me impetus. 


When I was at the grocery store today to buy my Lean Cuisine dinners I noticed a great deal on turkey – a large bird for 89 cents a pound.  So I bought a 18 pound turkey and then I got excited.


Today I phoned a couple of friends and made sure they’d be comming too, and now I’m comitted, but more to the point grounded. 


You know the anticipated family dinner should be a thing to appoach with joy.  I just needed to find my trigger.


It’s amazing how much a turkey in the freezer can motivate.  Now it seems real.  Christmas is definately coming to Mimico this year.  I can already smell the feast. . .

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  1. Titirangi Storyteller Titirangi Storyteller says

    This makes me smile… These daYs I do xmas every other year… anually just seems to much and I can’t get motivated… although there is the traditional cookie baking and egg nog fest with my younger daughter and her friends. But I go away every other year now – this year to New Caledonia. Next year I will be geared up again to go all out.

    So your 18 pound bird cost you $16??? I bought the birds for my daughter to do Thanksgiving this year… 2 6-kilo birds (about 26 pounds) cost $150 NZ – about $125 US… argh! and that was cheaper than last year!

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    • grannyinlongjohns grannyinlongjohns says

      Hello purveyor of lovely picture stories!  Sweet Jane, I got a better deal than I thought.  You just made me a whole lot happier.  I know you’re in N.Z. but when I was in Australia a few years ago I found the price of food frightening!  Makes a woman grateful to live in Canada.  You just gave me over a hundred reasons to be grateful.  The price of your birds is more than I’ll pay for dinner, even with wild rice, pre-made appetizers and booze!!!

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    • Generic Image Maggie De Vore says

      New Caledonia??  Wow — can I come???

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