How can I find grants to open a women’s shelter? Most Liked Hot Conversation

I am trying very hard to get a battered women’s shelter up and running.  We have our non-profit status from IRS, a board and several houses we are looking at. I now need a grant writer and grants to submit to. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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  1. Cinkat Cinkat says

    I think it’s wonderful what you are doing.  I’m not sure how helpful this will be, but try going to www.  Also 1-800-558-0064 may be a number with info.

    Good Luck!!  Cinkat

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  2. Judy Judy says

    Thank you so very much

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  3. Judy Judy says

     To Cinkat

    Thank you so very much for you information.


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  4. ladeehwk ladeehwk says

    For the grants check out and search for battered womens shelter. I do think it will be cheaper if you find the grant and then find a grant writer, If you don’t find what you feel is a reasonable one, post back here and I will see what I can do for you.


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  5. Generic Image mkpelland says

    Often, the way to start is to get one or more local church congregations to adopt your project. Your seed money comes from there. That’s how all three agencies I did development for began. Grants are terribly hard to get in this kind of economy. Star tups are at the bottom of every foundation’s list, but if you can get some funding started locally and then start culling a contact database of area supporters, you hav emore ammunitionto go in with grant proposals to large foundations. Remember that nearly every foundation’s money is invested in the stock market. Therefore, they have all taken huge hits in the past year or so. No gran write ron earth can go in and get oyu enough money to start a shelter in a matter of a short time. You will need money to hire a writer and allow her to build relationships. Find the wealthy people in your city, county, state – and see if they will work with you. Fund raisers and corporate sponsors are good too.

    I wish you the best. Your project is one I deeply believe in. Perhaps you can contact Thistlewood Farm and Magdalene in Tenn – (Google them or look here, and ask how they began or if they can offer advice. They’re awesome. I hope you find your funding.



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    • Generic Image peace says

      Hello my name is sharon walker and I am also trying to start a women abuse shelter, I ran one for 3 years but because I could not find funding I had to close my doors and move . I believe the Lord is opening another door for me to open another one this time it is fully stocked with everything I would need to start up. the only thing standing in my way is where to come up with 250,000. I have been praying about it and I am trusting God will make away. any ideas?  

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      • Generic Image Clair McGowan says

        Hi Sharon, I wonder if you would be able to offer any guidance as I have been thinking I would like to open a womens refuge centre in Scotland for women experience domestic violence and their children and not sure where to start.  Any guidance?

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  6. Adornments by Milani Adornments by Milani says

    The Sheepfold is a shelter for abused women and their children, here in So. California.  Each month, they generate a newsletter that show the lives of the women that they help.  I am in constant awe of the work, compassion, and guidance that they provide.  They have a website that gives information on starting a shelter, the necessary manuals & forms,  etc.  Here is the link: I wish you all the best in your endeavor.  Please keep us informed of your work and may the Lord bless you for your kind and loving heart.

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    • Generic Image Esquisite says

      This information was so very helpful. I have lived in a shelter and since it has been my passion. I have been looking for information and this was the best. I am in Mississippi and it is needed. The thing is I don’t want to open a shelter for battered homeless women and children but for just women and children that are down on their luck. Will I use the same procedures?


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  7. Generic Image tula says


    I’M ALSO WANT TO OPEN A WOMEN’S SHELTER CAN YOU EMAIL ME maybe i can share with you information i have thanks for you time

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  8. Generic Image laurenr323 says

    Go here: this is a government grant in specific for nonprofits and state agencies who want to develop women’s shelter. I’m doing a school project about it, and came across your question.

    go here:;jsessionid=LDdDL5YbkrW56PK73Y1mG3hTmlLHbJsKV6v7KKq1p9XtRcQTbGLm!-1622867093?oppId=51355&mode=VIEW

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  9. riversand riversand says

    I too am looking to start a women’s shelter.  Sandy, WI

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    • Gina Ann Day Gina Ann Day says

      I am in great awe!  Such compassion and motivation!  I TOO AM ORGANIZING AND STARTING UP a shelter.  It will be for battered/homeless women and their children, pregnant/teens at risk, and women under addictions.  I do believe as many as is trying to aid others, we can aid each other!

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