Chili cook-off names ….

Okay, I’m going to be in a chili cookoff next month & need a great name to make up for my, er, not so great cooking skills. What do you think?

(FYI I’m giving away an autographed copy of my book, Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship, to the sassiest entry!)

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8 Responses

  1. Robin Donovan, Menologues Robin Donovan, Menologues says

    Several years ago my office had a chili cookoff. The name of the winning chili was: Phil. I have never before nor since heard of a name for chili that received such a great response!

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  2. Haralee Haralee says

    Fat Burner Chili. Make it so hot that eaters will have to run for water thus the name!

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  3. ThurmanLady ThurmanLady says

    “Chili It’s Not – It’s Hot.”  Sounds good to me!  That’s about all my imagination can do right now.  Have fun! ♥

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  4. Generic Image Maggie De Vore says

    How about – ‘the best damned sizzling Chili on the planet”  Long but boils down to being adventurous.  Or – how about ‘No doubt Chile’.  When asked what does that mean (and I like to give folks room to ask questions – they feel involved somehow) you can say – No Doubt about being the best damned sizzling Chili on the planet.

    Looking forward to getting your book!  


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  5. WaveWatcher WaveWatcher says

    Cabernet Chili, of course!  What could be more fitting for you?

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  6. Carolyne Carolyne says

    “Hot-Cha Chili!”  Hot-Cha Got-cha chili?  hmmm… I think I have had enough Cabernet tonight..  lol!

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  7. Generic Image Cheap Cabernet: A friendship says

    What great names, thanks all! I have to send in my name by Monday. I’ll let ya’ll know who wins!

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