Clean and Purge and Laugh Out Loud

I’m in a serious clean and purge mood and am tackling the overgrown mess in my backyard. If you’ve ever seen a Southern roadside you’ll have some idea what I’m dealing with.
I took a break and started cleaning out the store room and went through an old footlocker. I was actually looking for something else, but found old journals, photos and love letters that I thought I had burned. I sat down and read them all and laughed out loud. It was an interesting perspective. I really liked who that young woman was, reckless heart and all.

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  1. Charmaine Coimbra Charmaine Coimbra says

    About every other year, realizing that the pudgy-old woman in the mirror is me, and that my goods are not well put. I begin to organize and redo, which inevitably leads me to a box of old love letters.
    Those handsome young studs loved me that much? What a fox I must have been during those days?
    Maybe I knew that there would be a day when my youth would fade and I would need to see those scripted notes and letters.

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  2. watermusic watermusic says

    It was an interesting experience.  I wasted too much time not enjoying what I had when I had it. I’m not making that mistake now. Full speed ahead.

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