Magazines for women in their 40s, 50s, and up?

Is there a magazine published just for women in their 40s, 50s and up?

I’m tired of looking at the happy young 25yr old and her current boyfriend. I wan to read articles relating to my stage of life, mid50′s. I don’t care that these latest jeans do this for you. What about fashion for me?

Am alone on this topic?

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6 Responses

  1. ByJane ByJane says

    More Magazine aims at that demographic.  They’re heavy on the 40s, though, and their fashion is still only for  the skinny and well-toned.  Bazaar does a fashion feature each month for that demographic, and Vogue does one a year.  I started in an effort to make up for the gap.  Check us out.

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  2. Generic Image Harrisonma says

    I really like More Magazine but I have to agree with ByJane that it skews a bit on those in their 40s.  Oprah’s magazine O is also excellent — relevant, meaningful, real.  Apparently AARP has different versions of their magazine based on the subscriber’s age.  So a 50 year old wouldn’t get the same version as an 80 year old.  I found the AARP magazine to be quite good.

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    • Barb Barb says

      I don’t think this is true any more–everyone preferred the magazine aimed at younger members and so they merged them into one.

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  3. CheriRae CheriRae says

    My favorite magazine is Eldr.  It is not specific to women but is specific to persons 60+.  It is published quarterly, can be found at local bookstores and also has a great website:

    Eldr offers wonderful stories about amazing activities that people over 60 are involved in, and provides current information on health, diet, sex, politics etc.  It is the only magazine that I have ever read every word of every article of every page.  It is so great to know that there is life after 60.  

    Most of the magazines offer almost nothing for women in their 50′s and absolutely nothing for women 60+.  I do like Oprah’s magazine because it is specific to women and sensitive to women’s needs.  I also like MORE but have become frustrated that their focus is primarily on women in their 40′s.  I didn’t know that AARP offered different versions of their magazine.  

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  4. Generic Image alaskangal says

    thanks ladies,

    I didn’t know the AARP had different magazines. Haven’t had a chance to look at the More magazine, I didn’t see at the local grocery newstand when I went shopping last night. But I’ll keep looking while I’m visiting the BIG CITY.

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