Creative book club names

LUV some of the book club names I’ve been privileged to meet:

Cozy Slippers Book Club, 

Ladies Guilty Pleasures Book Club, 

Pulpwood Queens

BYOC (Bring your own cup)

Drinking Club With A Reading Problem

So clever! :)

It inspired a Facebook contest, where people post the name of their book club — or MAKE UP a book club name — on the Cheap Cabernet Facebook page and I put all the names in a hat for someone to win wine & my book.

What’s the name of YOUR book club?

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7 Responses

  1. LilTigg LilTigg says

    My group is called The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC for short) nothing as wicked as the above unfortunately but a tremendous bunch of people all the same.

    If I was to make one up – Turn the Page or Quill, Pen and Key or Word Gatherers.


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  2. Generic Image dillin257 says

    POETS,  Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday. kinda rude, it was a long time ago…..

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  3. lizalunavita lizalunavita says

    Great to come home from bookclub tonight and see this post. We are a group of about 25 busy women who have different professions/careers, family makeup, zip codes, and friend circles. We are artists, lawyers, stay at home moms, teachers, therapists, CEOs. We are gay/straight/bi/assexual, ages 33 to 79. However, we ALL share a love of wine, reading, and conversation. We’ve been together about 10 years, but with no official name. Someone, again, suggested we give ourselves a name. Laughing, we joked that “heck, we don’t even read the book and still come to bookclub to enjoy the evening of good food, flowing wine, and lively discussion”. After some fun emails brainstorming, we are Read It Or Not, Hear I Come. 

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  4. lizalunavita lizalunavita says

    Here’s a list of some bookclub names we brainstormed before Read It Or Not, Here I Come was selected:

    Book Nookers, Werd Herders, Word Hearders, Tattered Talers, Tale Talk, Bookalicious, Story Sisters, Won Liners, Womens Word World 3 i.e. W3, Read Runners, Scriberbritches, Libre, Book Buzzers Book Babes, Bossy Bookies. Pick n Ponderers, Chat ‘n Chew, Dinner and a Book, Den Dimmers, Bravehearts, Daily B/read Monthly B/Read. Books en Broads-way, DameGames. Tale Tells, Night Lights or Nighty Mites. Mitey Nights or Mitey Nighters, Funkifieds, Bibliobabblers, Bibliosisters, Show-n-tale, Show Your Tale,  Lit Clitters, Clitty Lit (my personal, nasty favorite!),  

    No matter what you call yourselves, it’s about sharing and having fun reading!   


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