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New breast reduction and lift procedure promises perky bust, fewer scars

Originally, breast reduction and lift procedures were performed by physicians who made long, 12-inch scars on the skin -- some still do them this way. But as plastic surgery becomes more advanced, physicians are finding new ways to complete the surgery that create much smaller breast reduction scars. A new procedure pioneered in Texas puts a twist on traditional breast reductions, promising a perkier bust and very hard-to-notice scarring.

Ultimate surgery for fewer breast reduction scars?

The new techniques, dubbed Ultimate Breast Reduction / Lift, was developed by Gary M. Horndeski, M.D. The doctor uses existing breast tissue to build up small mounds that are attached directly to the chest muscle. This gives the breast lift, making them look perkier and deepening the cleavage. Incisions are made along the natural fold of the breast and around the aureola (nipple) area, making the resulting breast reduction scars very difficult to see.

But Horndeski is unique even among plastic surgeons. He uses his engineering background to calculate breast dimension and positioning for each and every patient, since no two bustlines are ever alike. He completes the procedure without making any vertical incisions. In the end, his treated breasts have none of the large, vertical breast reduction scars that so many women hate.

Of course, not every woman who needs breast reduction and lift surgery has access to a Dr. Horndeski or a plastic surgeon practicing a similar unique technique. But there still alternative options available for women who don’t want to use traditional breast reduction techniques.

Minimal breast reduction scars

Women over 50 make some of the best candidates for another type of breast reduction and lift surgery procedure: liposuction. Through the liposuction procedure, very small (inch-long) incisions are made into skin so breast tissue may be vacuumed out. Once the excess breast tissue is removed, the size is reduced. Very tiny incisions make for very tiny scars, and many women both under and over the age of 50 opt for this procedure as a result. Liposuction breast reductions are less invasive than many other breast reduction and lift techniques, which also makes them attractive to many women.

Because breast reduction can reduce your risk of cancer and alleviate back problems, insurance may sometimes cover part of or all of the cost of the procedure. Consult with your physician and your insurance provider before having a breast reduction procedure to find out how you can lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

Learn how to have a successful surgery in our free special report, Breast Reduction Surgery After 50.


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