Lisa Mallett

Natural Bladder Infection Cure

I was just reading a conversation thread from an older post; one of the women mentioned suffering almost continuous bladder infections and that her doc had her on a 3 month antibiotic. That just seemed really excessive and that it could wreak havoc on her system (antibiotics are a miracle and lifesaving in many instances, but they kill bad AND good bacteria).

I wanted to share something I learned from Suzanne Somers' book "Breakthrough."

A natural substance you can get at any health food store is "D Mannose." It is a powder derived from plants like cranberries. You mix it with water and drink it. When it hits your bladder,e-coli bacteria (the cause of 90% of bladder infections) release their grip on the walls of your bladder to feed on the D Mannose, which you just pee out, along with all the nasty bacteria which are no longer clinging to your organ but are free floating. The curative effects are felt within 24 hours usually.

Read more at this link, or get the book "Breakthrough."


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