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My teeth are a mess! Should I consider dentures?

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From Lynne B


Let me preface this by saying that if I had the money that has been spent on my teeth over the last 55 years, if it had been invested, I would probably have very few worries about retiring.  I say that because when I ask the question I have to ask, most of you are going to think that I have neglected my teeth over the years and nothing could be further from the truth.

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My teeth have always been horrible.  I have 4 teeth in my mouth that have not been crowned.  Every crown and every bridge I have ever had, the existing teeth decayed underneath.  I have had one oral surgery after another over the years, spent hours in a dentist chair, wore braces in my 30s and on and on.  SO that brings me to today.  A year ago the denist I was going to suggested partials.  They are awful.  Now the 4 natural teeth that I have left are starting to decay.  I am a professional and work in the public daily.  I am about to loose my mind about these teeth.  I understand that dental implants are incredibly expensive and in all honesty, I would imagine that I have enough bone loss that I would not be a good candidate for implants.

Does anyone out there have full dentures and if so, could you please share any advice that you may have.  Any suggestions from anyone else that has had this same experience with really crappy teeth???  My mom and dad both had ALL their natural teeth when they passed away.  I have no idea how I ended up with this mess!!  Thanks so much – any advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!

From jhl&f

EEK!!! Do Not Get Dentures. Dentures are NOT a substitute for teeth.  Dentures are a substitute for NO TEETH AT ALL.  Your teeth, part of your skeletal system, are the foundation for your face  and if they are removed-no matter what anyone tells you-you will NEVER look the same.  Your gums will deteriorate as the underlying bone and tissue shrinks, so the dentures will never fit properly as the base necessary for them to sit on will erode over time.  You may think this is a choice of economics.  It most definitely is not.  The health of your mouth is key to having good health overall.  I don’t know where you live, or what your circumstances are, but you will put your overall health at risk by not finding out all your options – and that may start with finding another dentist.  I am 60, have survived bad orthodontia, exposed roots, have several molars with caps, and am seeing my endodontist tomorrow for a 6-month follow up from an emergency root canal.  Expensive?  Depends on what quality of life is worth to you.

Sometimes it’s hell to grow old, but don’t go hurrying the downward spiral along with an extreme and irreversible choice. Please, find another, more competent dentist.

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Dentures - what's advice would you give a friend?


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