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my husband has complete control over my life,i know he dont love me anymore and i have no family and he says he wont ever give me a dime

i have been married 30 years the first 20 where great then i got sick with kupus sometning changed i lost one of my lungs to pmurmonia when i came home our home was for sale and my car ans wedding rings were gone .he is a doctor all he ever says is hes broke ,he has everything in his name its like i dont exist anymore. i dont have a bed the place we live ie falling apart we have one car 15 years old whoch he takes i hurt from the lupus so bad but he wont buy my meds i am a massage therapist and midwife bwt when he sold our home my businesswas there so i lost my office now im so sick i can barely walk our homes were alwaaays spotless now he says im a pig but i live in a chair i have no closet ,i even have to ask for food ,help im scared cause i have nobody and lawyers want money ,he has every thing hid i dont even know where hes working i know he says hes seeinf patient at 11 at nighy and he hasnt touchrd me in 5-6years so i think somethings going on ,hes never been able to deal with anyone in the family getting sick even our cat is on his list again where do i sraer we also have 5 kids i dont want them to be hurt in any way i would give my life up for them .im turning 50 in less then a month yhis is not where i want to be


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