My Husband and I have been together 15 years married 8 of those years.

We both have  grown children and grandchildren from prior marriages. My children are very loving to my husband and  apprecaite him being a part of the family.

I am 20 years his junior and this does not set well with his family. When I met my husband, he had no food in the home, struggling to make the mortgage,and the home and property was in great disrepair. I have always worked and in the past 10 years we  have upgraded and renovated the home and property. 

His family have become ice cold,since their father told them that we are selling out and traveling for the rest of our lives. Now I am the bad guy and that is ok. But how do I get across to these people that they should grow up and realize that it is really not of their decision or choice what we do with our home and lands?  Any ideas?


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