My Friend is Free

I've known my friend for 10 years. I will call him Kevin.

I met him on the stair well at work. I was going up he was going down. He said "Hey I remember you." We had taken a class 8 years earlier and for some reason (I never asked how or why) he remembered me.

We worked on the same floor for 2 years and our paths had never crossed before that day on the stairs. We became kayaking buddies along with others from our work place. Kevin was married and I always respected that but his wife never kayaked with the group and he never spoke of her. But all the while I had a tiny crush on him.

I left the company, he got laid off but we always got together once or twice a year for a paddle. Then he got divorced, got cancer, moved to DC, was in remission, got a girlfriend...all this since the last time I saw him 3 years ago.

Now he is coming back this week-end and we are going kayaking with the old gang. My question is should I tell him I've had this little tiny crush on him for the past decade or should I let him make the first move?

Thing is, he is going back to DC after the week-end and I might not see him again for a while and maybe he will meet someone else. Should I tell him...I feel at 55 years old I don't want to spend a lot of time waiting to find out if this is just a wistful dream. Sometimes guys are so slow at figuring this stuff out.


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