My “First” Again

I have this funny notion to make sure that the moment I get the chance to get intimate with a man again (after 13 years of nothing, as in really nothing at all. even a touch of a finger tip!); I would want it to be super rock-your-world kind of experience. I keep smiling to myself trying to imagine how I would want it
to be; but it's true "don't use it you'll lose it". I can't even summon my imagination to come up with something explosive and that's not good!

I think it is just fair for me to put this high of an expectation because it would be like my "first" again. Literally, cause i've actually forgotten how it can be. The only plus side now is I kinda know what I want and what to expect. It is not like the real first that you have no choice but to take what is coming! LOL!! But I still feel rock-your-world scared too! LOL! I can picture myself freezing with fear and ridiculously ruining the moment.

Any ideas on how I can prep myself for this and what exactly would be the "thing" to do to get a fantastic "first"?


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