My 48 yr old hubby is so sexy, but…

I have NO libido!!  We've been married 18 yrs and it was wonderful at first.  Since we moved to the country 15 yrs ago and I have no life other than going to a frustrating p/t job dealing where I deal with male chauvinist pigs, I have been depressed, have low self esteem, feel fat and ugly, which caused my husband to stray a yr ago.  I am not affectionate at all and he needs that very much.  We have decided to try to work our marriage out, but he still has high testosterone and always wants sex.  We sleep in seperate rooms and have for prob 15 yrs, b/c I toss and turn all night and snore.  We love each other and I have forgiven him for straying, but I've just got to do something about my self before he gets fed up and leaves again.  HELP!  I hope by finding this website I can get some help.


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