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Married but feel alone!

I'm new to this site.  I just found it yesterday.  Something is troubling me and since this is truly virtual, I feel that I can open up here and let my defenses down.  Maybe, just maybe, I can find some answers.

So here goes!

I've been married twice.  Once when I was very young...19 years old.  Stayed in that one for 6 years.  I married my second husband after having been single for 8 years.  We have been married 25 years, coming up to 26.  I love my husband and I know he loves me.  We've been through 12 really tough years with finances, businesses failing, etc.  It's still a touchy subject between the two of us. 

That problem plus the whole getting older bit is wearing me down.  I'm overweight but doing something about it.  I've lost about 23 lbs. in about 6 weeks.  I want to feel more alive! 

But my husband also has health issues.  His testosterone level is extremely low and has been for years.  Until yesterday he has not talked to his doctor about it, although I have begged him to.  Of course, since it is so low, that means that there has been no sex for several years. 

He has been a "couch potato" for years.  Even though I have pleaded with him to try to do or act like he is still alive...NOTHING!  We don't have meaningful conversations anymore.  We don't really do anything!  It's killing me.  I feel so alone.  But I'm not. 

As I said to begin with, I love him, but love just doesn't seem to be enough.  What should I do?


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