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Married 16 years, no sex in at least 6 years!

Im 50, hes 53. We used to have sex alot the first 5 years of marriage, then we both quit drinking and since then we have only had sex maybe twice!!! I love him dearly and would not have an affair. I take anti-deppresents which lowers my sex drive so its been a mutal decision, and it hasnt been too upseting until lately. I just this week found out about the tetestarone level thing. Hes getting his levels checked next week. He says he wants to, cuz he doesn have any sex drive at all. I hope that solves the problem. I dont think hes having an affair as I know where he is all the time.I would neve have an affair because I do love him alot and Im a christain. I just couldnt handle the guilt. It hurts me to think its because Im not as thin or pretty as I used to be, and thats the reason he has no interest. Sometimes I think there are more couples out there than just us who dont have sex anymore. When we do decide to start again it will be really uncomfortable cuz we are like strangers in that department! We have always kissed and cuddled, but thats it. If we dont fix this problem soon, I may have to end up doing something I will regret. Anyone out there going thru the same thing??


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