Do Mature Women Read Erotica? Hot Conversation

I couldn’t focus on writing at home this morning, so I headed for Barnes and Noble.

I hit the rest room before heading to the cafe and on my way out, I noticed the aisles of romance and mystery novels; set up for we weak-bladdered women, for sure.

Scanning through the hardcovers, paperbacks, new releases, and best sellers, one thing grabs my attention as it has several hundred times before. Where’s the mature women on the covers of these books?

I’ve complained via this blog before about the lack of magazines for boomer women, but now my feathers are ruffling again.

There’s plenty of great women’s fiction out there, but my depraved self likes to read a good novel with steamy sex scenes. Is this not popular to the millions of women over 50?

Sometimes I think I’m the only boomer woman who thinks about sex (a lot). The good news is when I read other posts here on Vibrant Nation, I found that I’m not alone. In fact, I happened to find this sexy read by searching ‘erotica’ and ordered for my Kindle. Free Fall: A Late-in-Life Love Affair by Name Your Link. Can’t wait to dive into it. :)

I’ve written some erotic stories in the past. The man (also in the past) was very impressed. Maybe I’m burnt out writing about women’s health and need to go back to writing erotic tales for a while. (or maybe a Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous meeting).

Tell me boomer women – what kind of books to you read? Do you like a good novel with steamy sex? Sweet & cozy? Erotica? Would you like to see more books that target mature women or are you okay with the 20-something heroine?

I’m curious.

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13 Responses

  1. Guilded Lilly Guilded Lilly says

    Speaking from my past history of writing/ publishing e-book erotica and adult contemporary novels I can say that there are multitudes of mature women who adore their literature of the steamy older heroines, graphic sex variety. Internet boundaries, lately influenced by more conservative watchdogs(sometimes of the vulture variety), often make them harder to find.

    There is also somewhat of a rift between some Romance writers and Erotica writers. as well, with the Romance Writer quite often (but not always) preferring younger, virginal characters and strict adherance to the conventional bodice ripper/happy ending format.

    Erotica writers in general (grin) are a bit more open minded about what women like to read. There is plenty of room for all. But you won’t find much in the print novels to support the older woman sensuality/heroines.

    It’s a crock and part of the bigger problem of the youth obsessed, American culture that is so shallow. 

    This boomer loves great plots, more contemporary settings, strong and passionate experienced women and men who are in everyway as passionate and smart!  Kindle and Nook are a great source for independently published erotica/adult novels. Smashwords is another e-book source.

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    • Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Guild Lilly. I will definitely check out in the ebook sections. 

      I used to belong to a chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and you’re right about romance writers vs. erotica writers. We had 2 EW’s in the group and while they welcomed as writers, the RW’s wouldn’t think about buying their books. :)

      I tend to like good novels with a great plot and steamy sex sprinkled in to add to the relationship. Regarding erotica, I like short stories – quick, to the point, and different. :)

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      • Guilded Lilly Guilded Lilly says

        Grin. It’s those intense, thigh-tingling bursts of unbridled, panting, gimme gimme NOW scenes that are so much fun to read…and write!

        At our most exposed *core* we women are such sensual creatures. (la la la)

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  2. Generic Image Dragonfly says

    Believe me, you are not alone in wanting to read erotica with men and women “of a certain age.” You are also not the only one who thinks of sex, a lot! I am coming out of a long term marriage that was sexless for many of the final years and all I can think about now is finding a great new partner and never getting out of bed again…

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    • Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says


      Thanks for your comment. I hear you and feel/felt your pain. My marriage was sexless for the last couple of years and my current partner of the last 10 years has ED issues. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s me!!

      If I find some good ‘certain age’ erotica, I’ll pass it along to you. :)

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  3. Itty Bitty Boomer Itty Bitty Boomer says

    I thoroughly enjoy “romance” and “erotica’ novels … and I also thoroughly agreet that finding reads that involve characters “of a certain age” … would be delightful!  I enjoy a wonderful, warm, snuggly, sexy physical relationship with my new hubby (3 months newly wed .. ;o) – After four years of being together (I’m 61 and he’s 54), we continue to enjoy rather intense “dances”.  

    I could take his language and make a few older women smile … “Listen to my heartbeat … it’s you that makes it beat like that … your touch … your taste .. your smell”  He really said that a few nights ago … put a big smile on MY face!  Maybe HE should write … lol!

    Point is, I definitely think there’s a market for “mature” romance/erotica …

    Happy Wednesday!

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    • Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

      Hey Itty Bitty – sounds like you have a great guy, there. Hang on to him. And yeah, tell him to start writing love notes. You could have them published. :)

      Thanks for the feedback.

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  4. Generic Image RamblinRedhead says

    I am happy just to find romantic or erotic writing that seeems “real” – which involves characters with intelligence, and who create genuine chemistry.  Not just sex, but romance, tension, discovery, and fulfillment that’s also emotional and intellectual, not just physical.

    I guess age would be secondary to that, for me.  But it would be nice to read about women in my demographic still finding their groove!

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    • Itty Bitty Boomer Itty Bitty Boomer says

      RR - agree with you too!   A good, compelling read is always a great escape! It would be fun to have ti involve folks our age, though, for a change!   I adore the movie RED with Helen Mirrin, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, et al … BECAUSE it’s about old guys … (well, except for that young girl love interest)!

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  5. Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

    I agree with the ‘real’ part, RR, and all the other aspects. Sexual tension is a must and some authors just don’t get it. Or maybe it’s the publishers, who knows. Nothing I hate worse the bad writing, period. 

    I just read a sample of  50 Shades of Gray by E.L. James. Supposedly it has great reviews, but I’ve read 3 chapters and still waiting for the steam. 

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  6. Generic Image cliothegoddess says

    I love reading erotica, but I do get tired of reading about young women.  I hate bad writing and I hate completely unrealistic situations.  I want to read more good steamy sex scenes, but they are hard to find.

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  7. Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

    I’m with you, Clio. I’ll be checking amazon and will let you know if I find any good ones.

    thanks for commenting. :)

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  8. Generic Image Babe 472 says

    I not only enjoy reading it  I write it on a regular basis.  Lol my personal journal has burned covers from keeping it safe.  I would share but where???

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