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I am 59 and widowed. I haven’t had any sex for couple of years or so,I am thinking about having sex with an old friend of mine,which might start in a relationship,I am pretty nervous about it,….

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  1. Generic Image debgallardo says

    I have some questions for you:

    1) Are you listening to your head, your heart or your libido?

    2) Are you prepared to irrevocably change the nature of your relationship with this old friend?

    3) What is it you really want: physical intimacy, love, tenderness, what?

    I wish you well, and hope that you make the right decision for YOU for all the right reasons. Keep us apprised.

    Deb Gallardo

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    • Generic Image debgallardo says

      I forgot a question:

      Whose idea is having sex? His or yours? If his, do you feel pressured? If yours, are you prepared for possible rejection?

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    • Generic Image Elaine59 says

      I’m looking for companionship,which willprobably lead to a relationship,and yes,love,he’s been out of a relationship for a couple of years,also,……….no he’s not pressureing me,it’s just me feeling nervous about having sex,since its been so long

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  2. Generic Image Mmm says

    I have done this.  It worked beautifully for 2 years but now we are barely friends.  So be careful for what you wish for…

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  3. Generic Image kats says

    Enjoy… ; )

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  4. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    Oh geez

    SOunds like to me you want to go for it

    so go for it

    just remember…having sex doesnt mean that you have to marry them

    physical pleasure and intimacy for an “in the moment” focus on life is fully acceptable

    dont make more  of it, dont make less of it, stay in the moment, use protection and ……



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    • Generic Image Elaine59 says

      Yes,I do want to go for it,lifes to short,and Ive been alone to long.I miss being loved,its just the sex part,since its been awhile

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      • Generic Image ikare says

        Yikes!  So much thinking and planning about “what if”.  If your are both single, responsible, loving, respectful and trusting of one another NOW, go out and buy some great lingerie, candles, beautiful music and seduce him!  Have fun. 


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  5. Generic Image MagentaRose says

    Elaine’s got a boyfriend! That’s great! Starting a relationship with someone you can be friends with is a good start. I hope he makes you happy. And justin time for the winter!

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  6. Grandma Lea Grandma Lea says

    Hi Elaine,

    1. Do not plan for it

    2. Let it happen naturally – meaning with the good vibrations of two people wanting to share intimacy.  No expectations – thats where we get bogged down with emotions.

    3. If it happens, be in the moment, enjoy and afterwards – NO REGRETS

    4. Life if about experiencing – there are no mistakes in life.

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  7. Generic Image kats says

    Welll…………………… how did it go? : )

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  8. Generic Image Char1960 says

    I hope everything went well.  I had a similar situation happen with a younger was great while it lasted…the sex was great, but it did alter the relationship.  We are still friends, but it is a bit awkward.  If you can push through a stage like that…well, the friendship is solid.

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  9. Generic Image Content says

    Hi Elaine,

    Watch the sex scene with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson in “Something’s Gotta Give”- I loved it!

    I would just let the relationship go where it goes.  Life is too short to be concerned with things we can’t control.

    Enjoy it and let the chips fall where they may.  If he can’t stay friends through it all, maybe he isn’t worth it.

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