Sex for women over 55

I was reading comments regarding sex over 50 and I was wondering, how do you restart your sex drive?  

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  1. Generic Image mariatere'z says

    get your hormaones tested.testosterone,thyroid ,D levels B-12 etc play a good part in how we feel . had a patient come in three weeks ago and testosterone was 4 x high and she was tired and had a low libido. since her husband was rubbing testosterone on himself he did not wash hands after and she went behind him touching remote,door knobs etc and picked it up. everything working together you should feel like a fine tuned car soon. Even teens should have their D levels checked—could be why so many are depressed,no sunshine if not in sports,NO RECESS after elementary school!!!

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  2. Generic Image Suzycute says

    Zumba, power walking, exercise, healthy eating…all of it works wonders

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  3. Sunblossom Sunblossom says

    Just do it.


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  4. Generic Image patriciadiane says

    Try taking Soy products. This will level out your hormones as well as make you more healthy.

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