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hi i am 56 years old.  i always heard that when you go through menopause that your sexual drive decrease.  i talked to other women says thats not true.  if you start slacking in sex more and more your body doesnt remember what was the feeling.  i talked to men and women they say continue to get your peak whatever it takes so your hormones stay awake because you lose your libido if you suddenly stop and then you dont feel for it amymore.  i am eager and happy to tell you i have started to use things to arouse me and more and more i do i want sex so bad i am more infactuated for sex then i was 25 years old and better.  so please try dont just let yourself go because you are over 50.  it keeps you young and vibrant and glowing to the fact your hormones are acting out what they were suppose to be.

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  1. Generic Image canada says

    I whold heartedly agree, the best sex ever.

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  2. DD Denise DD Denise says

    I also agree…  the feeling is way different than when I was younger … I am more open and sex is like she just said … the best ever………..

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    • Generic Image sheammi says

      Ok, then please tell me your secret!  My sister says the same thing and she has no secret, it never went away for her.  Mine’s gone and no matter what I do it’s not even close to what it use to be.  I hate it, he of course hates it.  I was told by a friend that hers went away for about 3 years but came back.  Help!

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      • Generic Image BRANDY says

        Hi its takes awhile and practice like i said its like your libido forgets what it is suppose to do.  To be blunt but you have to enjoy yourself and find what is your new exctasy so before you let him get to it find your own first so your able to tell him what you enjoy.  Once you get to relax and let yourself go and you will be so surprise and really into it that its the best orgasm you will ever have.   DONT FORGET TO RELAX AND EVEN NERVOUS LIKE ITS THE FIRST TIME.  because really it is the first time for your orgasm after Menopause.  So Good-Luck!!

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      • Generic Image sheammi says

        Thanks Brandy!  I will take your advice but it’s like that part of my brain has been cut out.  But I will go to work :) .

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  3. Alicia Alicia says

    My libido is the same as when I was 19 and I am 64!!  Born a passionate person in every way; unfortunately I don’t have a partner…….6 years of going without……look out the lucky man, LOL

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